CA - Jarrae Estepp, Anaheim, Torso found in Recycling Center

Yes, Gordon was found guilty and sentenced to death. Cano has yet to go to trial as far as I can determine.
here is a 2020 article where it says cano is awaiting trial.

Detective Trapp, Part 5 | A bizarre trial and a new mystery

"There was more Trapp wanted to learn from Gordon - about other killings she thought he might be involved in, and about Cano, who has pleaded not guilty to the murder and rape charges and is still awaiting trial, represented by the public defender's office. When she drove to see Gordon in San Quentin, the killer used the chance to gloat about how he'd beaten her in court. How he got the judge to toss the confession."
Right, he's "awaiting trial". In California these high profile death penalty cases normally take at least 5 years, and often several more.
Hundreds of hearings, motions, etc before a jury can be seated.
So this is going on almost 8 years now. Cano was arrested and charged in April, 2014.

Okay, I was able to find the date of his next court hearing, but that's all. No other details. I found it from an inmate search on the Orange County Sheriff's site. If I knew the case number I'd be able to search the court site and find more detailed information. One has to pay in order to get this information. I'm not willing to pay at this point. I'll think about it though.

Next court date for Cano is 4-29-2022

Get Inmate Information... | Orange County, California - Sheriff's Department

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On Sept. 19, 1995, a woman’s severed midsection was found on a conveyor belt at the Silver State Recycling plant, at 333 W. Gowan Road. Detectives combed through piles of trash to find the woman’s dismembered head, arms and legs, but not all of her body could be found.

“We’ll probably never have a definitive cause of death unless we find all the body parts,” Metropolitan Police Department homicide Sgt. Ken Hefner told the Las Vegas Review-Journal at the time.

Jane “Silver State” Doe, who was in her early 20s, may now have been an unnamed homicide victim for longer than she was alive. Police know basic details — she was 5 feet tall with brown eyes, brown hair and auburn highlights — but nothing else.

But like the coroner’s office, Las Vegas police don’t stop investigating unidentified bodies. Metro homicide Lt. Ray Spencer said cold case detectives are actively investigating the Jane “Silver State” Doe case and are conducting genealogy testing in hopes of identifying her.

“We are hopeful to have preliminary results within the next couple of months,” Spencer said.

Meanwhile, the information on Jane “Silver State” Doe and other unidentified bodies has been entered into databases such as the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

While investigators hope that sketches can lead to an identification, other database entries have images of white busts meant to depict what the unidentified person may have looked like while alive.
Franc Cano has another court date on August 5, 2022. No further details as I do not have the case number.

Again, wondering why it's been EIGHT years and still no trial date. But this is California, so anything can happen. At least he's in custody so he cannot kill and dismember any more women.
Okay, it's finally over.
Franc Cano pleaded guilty to four counts of murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He apologized to the victims' families.
His partner Gordon is appealing his verdict and death sentence, so we'll see what happens there.

Justice moves very slowly in California, but most of the time it gets done.

Orange County serial killer sentenced to life in prison after admitting to four murders

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