CA - Joan 'Gail' Hughes, 70, homeless, brutally murdered, San Jose, 13 Aug 2012

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    San Jose homeless homicide victim was seen by many but known by none ( link )
    By Eric Kurhi
    Posted: 08/19/2012 04:40:43 PM PDT
    Updated: 08/19/2012 09:40:09 PM PDT

    The woman -- described as being in her late 50s or early 60s -- was killed in the early evening while sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Walgreens on San Carlos at Meridian Avenue. A man stabbed her numerous times with a short samurai-style sword, right on the little square of concrete she considered a home of sorts.

    A short time later, police arrested Marquis Reynolds, a 37-year-old San Jose resident -- who, in an odd twist, was friends with Shareef Allman, the shooter who killed three co-workers at a cement plant near Cupertino in October 2011 before getting into a gunfight with sheriffs deputies and fatally turning the weapon on himself.


    Since the woman's death, candles and flowers have sprouted at the site of the killing, and residents of the Midtown, Rose Garden and Willow Glen neighborhoods have been abuzz on community Internet forums, planning a Monday march and vigil near the site.

    Residents who saw her regularly said they lost a neighbor last Monday, albeit one without a home and who seldom talked. To many, it was clear she was disturbed, but none had any idea why she lived on the streets. She had no trouble with the law, and was never seen with alcohol -- one shopkeeper said her drink of choice was Arizona Iced Tea.

    Many tried to help her but were usually rebuffed.
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