GUILTY CA - Joanna 'Asha' Veil, 28, Ben Lomond, 9 Sept 2006 - Pregnant

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    Hi, i think that Joanna's marriage were underlooked..... She came all the way down to Santa Cruz, Ca to get married in a courthouse. First of all, as a foreigner, why did not Richard Veil, fly to Poland with Joanna "Asha " D. to ask ir at least introduce himself to Joanna's family , who live in Poland...Joannas parents did not fly to America, might be because the visas need to be issued by an American.... So they had no way of coming. Richard Veil married Joanna alone in Santa Cruz, Ca. Joanna taken care of disabled broken arms and legs husband... I am wondering how did she even become Veil? Cause changing name on ID passport Biometrics/ green card social security #, is not that simple. If thats even the case... On Joanna is still aliev, no Social Security Death certificate... Anyways, Richard Veil kicked Joanna out and she left and he accussed her of being a cheater bevause Joanna did not know that to get back into her house with her husband during marriage, she had to probably call 911 and claim that she been locked out by her husband... So Rixhard Veil skimmed in cheating on him.... Better than divorce .. Of Course... he also did not fail to open fund account after Joanna and baby Anina to collect help... He only been married to her for less than 2 years..... RICHARD IS ALWAYS BEEN A POOR VICTIM HERE.... RIGHT?

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