CA - Josephine Vargas, 34, Santa Ana, 24 Oct 2013


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May 21, 2012
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Monique Vargas

Authorities in Santa Ana, Calif., are searching for 34-year-old Monique Vargas. She disappeared Oct. 24. Heather Hernandez, a woman who said on Facebook she is Vargas' sister-in-law, said her sister was last seen in the same general area as Martha Anaya, another woman recently reported missing.
I wonder if the disappearances could be connected to the gang-related murders of Nancy Hammour, and the attempted murder of another woman, around Labor Day. Both were Santa Ana prostitutes. Were these women silenced because they knew too much?

[ame=""]CA - Nancy Hammour, 28, 2nd recent slaying in Newport Beach, 2 Sept 2013 - *ARREST* - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

The attempted murder took place about 2.5 miles from the area where the women have disappeared.

The unidentified woman, who regained consciousness but remains hospitalized, was shot outside an apartment in the 2100 block of South Cedar Street in Santa Ana the same day Hammour's body was found under a Newport Beach bridge.

the women – Martha Anaya, 28; Kianna Rae Jackson, 20; Josephine Monique Vargas, 34; and Andrea Nichole Palma, 29 – frequented a neighborhood along a half-mile stretch of First Street between Grand Avenue and the 55 freeway, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said Friday.
Kianna Jackson, Josephine Vargas, Martha Anaya Missing From Santa Ana Since Aug. 13, 2013
Mike Coker, February 24, 2014

"While these women were not directly associated with one another, their similar backgrounds are cause for concern and may indicate the disappearances are related," reads an alert from the department.

All three women have been entered into state and nationwide missing persons databases, and police stress there is no definitive evidence they were abducted or victims of foul play. Anyone with information that can help locate the women is asked to contact the Santa Ana Police Department at 714.245.8393 and ask for Investigative Specialist Debbie Velarde-Reyes.

Anonymous tips may be left with OC Crimestoppers at 855.847.6227
Families of three missing Santa Ana women growing desperate
February 8, 2014
LA Times

Josephine Monique Vargas grew up in Santa Ana, the eldest of five siblings. They all called her "Giggles."

Her sister, Desiree Vargas, said she last heard from her on Oct. 23. Monique had spent the day celebrating with family but left in the afternoon, saying she was going to the store. Desiree believes she was headed to a market on East 1st Street; her mother remembers it was a nearby discount store. When Vargas didn't respond to messages in the days that followed, her mother and sister assumed she was home with her husband. He told them he thought she was with them. When they finally figured out she wasn't at either place, they reported her missing.

Disappearing, Desiree said, is "something she would never do, walk out on her family and leave them behind."

Her friends and family walked East 1st Street, a stretch of storefronts and cheap motels known for prostitution activity, posting fliers on lampposts and asking for help. Vargas has a history of prostitution and her family worries her disappearance has gone unheeded because of it. Her past "has nothing to do with this," said her mother, Priscilla Vargas. "I'm waiting for her. Her family is waiting for her."

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