CA CA - Judi Bari, 40, Earth First activist injured by car bomb, Oakland, 24 May 1990

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    Judi Bari was a "Save the Redwoods" activist in Northern California. In 1990, a bomb exploded in a car she was driving. She was seriously injured in the blast. The FBI Counter-Terrorism unit took control of the investigation based on the assumption that Judi had built the bomb and was transporting it when it exploded. She and her passenger were charged with possession of a bomb.

    It later became apparent that the FBI had distorted details of the evidence and all charges were dropped. It appears that Judi was the intended target. Judi publicly expressed the belief that Logging Companies, possibly in cahoots with the FBI were responsible. Privately, she expressed the belief that it was placed there by someone in her inner circle and the motive was strictly personal.

    Judi died of cancer in 1997 and the case has never been solved. A Jury awarded her estate and her passenger a $4 Million plus settlement for false arrest. Private investigations have developed some interesting information including the name of a "prime suspect" but the FBI continues to claim that Judi built the bomb herself and no other leads have been pursued.

    A complicating factor in this case was the fact that the FBI Counter-Terrorism Unit would lose jurisdiction if they were to determine that it was not a case of Political Terrorism. Furthermore, once the lawsuit was filed, any suggestion that Judi was innocent would weaken their Civil case.

    The Statute of Limitations has probably expired in this case. The "prime Suspect" has live a prosperous, normal life since the incident yet he has lived under a cloud of suspicion. Several journalists have assembled a great deal of evidence and information but they do not have access to the FBI file. I think. on several different levels, it would be right and proper for this case to be investigated and resolved once and for all.

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