CA CA - Khadijah Britton, 23, Covelo, 9 Feb 2018 *POI* *Reward*

Discussion in '2010's Missing' started by Gardener1850, Feb 17, 2018.

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    ‘Somebody knows’: New call for witnesses in case of missing Covelo woman

    Kendall said there are too many conflicts in first and second statements taken by detectives for everyone to be telling the whole truth. The remote community of Covelo, population 1,140, is the kind of place where family relationships are complex and intertwined, and secrets hard to keep.

    Kendall said he believes there are people who are covering for whoever is responsible and who may be afraid to come forward. He suspects there are accessories, as well.

    “Here’s the thing. We know that there are people who know what happened, and I’m certain that with the correct enticement, they will tell us,” Kendall said in an interview.

    “Everybody has different things that drive them,” he said. “Some people, it’s money. Some people, it’s just the goodness of their heart. We just need to keep reaching out.”
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    Khadijah Britton, 23, a Round Valley tribal member, was last seen at a residence in Covelo, California, on Friday, February 8, 2018, when witnesses say she was abducted and forced into a car at gunpoint by her ex-boyfriend, Negie Fallis.

    Fallis has never been formally charged in connection to Khadijah’s disappearance, but Mendocino County Sheriff Matthew Randall says he is considered a person of interest. He is currently serving time at a state prison on unrelated charges.

    In February 2021, Mendocino County Sheriff Matthew Kendall, along with the San Francisco Division of the FBI announced a renewed effort to seek information from the public. A reward of $120,000 is being offered for information that leads to Khadijah’s whereabouts.

    Khadijah’s grandfather, Ronnie Hostler, is 79 years old and continues to search for her as he pleads with the public to come forward, hoping to one day bring peace and closure to their family.

    Anyone with information about Khadijah’s whereabouts is urged to call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at 707-234-2100.
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    Missing person cases in Mendocino and Lake counties

    Khadijah Rose Britton was last seen on Feb. 7, 2018. Britton was born in 1994 and described as 5-foot-8, 180 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. She has tattoos on her right forearm and shoulder, and was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt, a black T-shirt and blue pants, Anyone with information about Britton’s location should contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at 707-463-4095 and reference case number 18-4135.
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