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Police, Families Search For Missing Women In Santa Ana

Santa Ana, CA -
Three Santa Ana women have suddenly vanished. Their families are desperate to find them and they're turning to the public for help.

Kianna Jackson went missing on October 6th. Two weeks later, Josephine Monique Vargas disappeared. In November, Martha Anaya suddenly vanished. All three women are from Santa Ana. Their families fear the worst. They think the women could be victims of human trafficking. Priscilla Silva Vargas is begging for her daughter's return, "I just want at least a phone call. I just want to see her. Somebody has to know something."

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Thanks for posting the pictures in the threads, Knox! Greatly appreciated!


Her mother has set up a Facebook page for info and tips.

If any of you out there have any information, please come forward.

Kianna's mother is my friend and her heart is breaking every day that Kianna is missing.

Thank You,
Kianna has been missing since Oct. 6, 1013

2 of the other missing girls linked with her case have been found.
Families of three missing Santa Ana women growing desperate
February 8, 2014
LA Times

After one semester of college, Jackson left Northern California in search of a more exciting life in Las Vegas. She told her mother that she was considering working for an escort service, but said she would stop short of having sex with customers. Menzies tried to talk her out of it, but realized she couldn't do much to influence Jackson's decision. Instead, Menzies tried to keep tabs on her daughter, calling and texting her frequently.

When Jackson stopped responding on Oct. 3, Menzies knew something was wrong. In the days that followed, she called her daughter repeatedly. Then she called jails, hospitals and the morgues in Orange, L.A. and San Diego counties.
According to court records, Jackson was due to appear on four misdemeanor charges of prostitution and loitering to commit prostitution. Since late 2012, she had been arrested in Stanton, Anaheim, Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, on a stretch of Harbor Boulevard frequented by sex workers.

Her attorney, David Nisson, said she did show up for her court date. She owed him $500 in fees, he said, and she gave him $100, promising the rest later.

"I told her I appreciated it, and she seemed fine," Nisson said.
Whatever she was doing, friends say, Jackson wouldn't have left without letting them know.
"She would call me if she was in trouble. We could just talk about anything she was going through," said Vaneda Aleta So, 21, a friend of Jackson's since seventh grade. "Something definitely is wrong."
Kianna Rae Jackson

Kianna Rae Jackson – The Charley Project

Jackson was last seen in Santa Ana, California on October 3, 2013. She lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, but traveled to Santa Ana by bus for a court date to answer to prostitution charges. She never made her court appearance and has never been heard from again.

Investigators believe Jackson's disappearance is connected to the disappearances of Josephine Vargas and Martha Anaya. All three women frequented the same half-mile section of First Street, between Grand Avenue and the the 55 freeway, all of them were sex workers, and they disappeared within weeks of each other.

In April 2014, Franc Cano and Steven Dean Gordon were arrested and charged with the murders of Jackson, Anaya and Vargas, as well as the murder of 21-year-old Jarrae Nykkole Estepp, whose body was found in an Anaheim, California recycling plant. Photos of Eastepp, Cano, Gordon are posted with this case summary.

Both defendants have prior records for sex offenses against children, and are registered sex offenders. They were wearing GPS ankle monitoring bracelets at the time of their disappearances and weren't supposed to be around each other.

At Gordon's trial in late 2016, he represented himself and admitted to being guilty of all the charges, although he said Cano had actually strangled the women. He said their bodies had been thrown in dumpsters.

Gordon stated he and Cano had also abducted and killed a fifth woman, but this victim was never located, and it wasn't until 2017 that authorities were able to identify her as Sable Pickett.

At his trial, Gordon asked to be given the death penalty. He was convicted and sentenced to death. Cano has yet to be tried, and he has refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Foul play is suspected in Jackson's case due to the circumstances involved.

Photo attached of Franc Cano (L) and Steven Dean Gordon (R); photo attached of beautiful Kianna. She deserved so much better.


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Kathy Menzies felt her gut tighten when the phone rang last weekend. It was a Santa Ana detective calling about her daughter, Kianna Jackson, who had been missing for months.

A naked woman’s body had been found at a recycling plant in Anaheim. But the detective told Menzies that it wasn’t her daughter and that the 20-year-old woman’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

“I cringe every time the phone rings and it’s the 714 area code,” said Menzies, who lives in Mendocino

“It scares me a lot. Is there one single (person) taking these girls off the street or are there numerous (persons)? That’s the hard part, not knowing,” Menzies said.

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