CA CA - Lisa Smith, 17, Santa Rose, March 16th 1972

Discussion in '1970's Missing' started by Mysteries1974, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Who is Linda Smith? This thread is for a women named Lisa Smith that may or may not be a missing persons case related to the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders.

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    The Unresolved podcast recently did a 5 episode series on the SRHM. At the beginning of part one, he touches on Lisa Michelle Smith and the other woman who said her name was Lisa Smith:

    The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders — Unresolved

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    I do believe the article was a hoax. Sometimes, this happens. In the case of Misty Copsey for example, she was initially suspected to be a runaway and the media falsely reported that she was found.
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    I really think Lisa Smith (missing) and Lisa Michele Smith (located) are two different persons. However, they may have met the same assailant.
    Here there's a Web which includes most of the articles about the Santa Rosa hitchhikers: Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders - Santa Rosa, California
    The administrator of this Web does not believe Lisa was a victim.
    I'm not so sure... maybe all the confusion about the Missing Lisa and the Novato Hospital Lisa has prevented this case to be really solved.
    Is it possible to contact the journalist who wrote the articles? Maybe he/she remembers something.
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