GUILTY CA - Marie Oliver, 90, beaten to death, North Sacramento, 15 April 2006

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    Two 16-year-olds have been arrested for the beating death of an elderly woman in her North Sacramento home Saturday morning, Sacramento police said.

    Sacramento police detectives said one of the teenagers had done odd jobs for 90-year-old Marie Oliver in the past and knew she was frail and her vision was impaired. Investigators learned the teens targeted the victim by scouting her home and planning a break-in several days before the crime. It was determined the 16-year-olds forced their way into the house, used a blunt object to bludgeon Oliver and then went through the house stealing some small valuables and currency.
    :mad: They must have went there to kill her -because she new them from before when they did odd jobs for her and would have been able to ID them.
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    Obviously incapable of 2-stage thinking. All they could see was stealing stuff. What ever happened to respect for elders? Right and wrong? Thou shalt not kill?
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