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CA - Mary Lewis, 16, stabbed to death, Garden Grove, 20 June 1995

Discussion in 'Past Trial Discussion Threads' started by zwiebel, Sep 10, 2014.

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    'The family of a 16-year-old girl who was stabbed to death in 1995 was outraged to find her convicted killer on Facebook.

    Mary Lewis' family is livid her killer, Alan David Salomon, is having a life when she's not.'

    Mary Lewis was found dumped and bleeding to death at an intersection in Garden Grove, La Palma, California in 1995. Salomon, a gang member, had stabbed her to death during an argument in her family's car. He's serving 15 to life. Now Mary's family has found the prisoner has an active Facebook profile, full of people saying 'positive' things about him.

    Inmates are allowed to keep FB pages already set up when they go to prison, but they are not allowed to update them from jail, officially. Illegal cell phones in jail mean that's becoming increasingly hard to enforce though.

    "He stabbed her 16 times and left her to die in the middle of a street," Anita Lewis said.

    She alerted the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation which is now working with Facebook to take the page down. '


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    This just absolutely infuriates me! Prison should mean prison with punishment. I know there are even websites for inmates seeking girlfriends/boyfriends, but I do not think inmates should be allowed that freedom either.

    GB the Lewis family.

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