CA - Mary Ruth Enhelder, 24, La Mesa, 16 Feb 1995

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    This San Diego County case was put into NamUs in the last few weeks:

    Searching the MP name I found a San Diego County court case from January 1995, listed as "domestic":

    The name and county match up, so I was wondering if Mary Enhelder had a domestic legal case going a month before she disappeared.

    I wondered about this UID as a potential match because of the fairly close proximity of the remains to La Mesa and the red/aubern hair on the remains:

    The skeletal remains were found merely a month after the disappearence, but maybe the California heat and wildlife could have reduced a body to skeletal remains in a short time.

    MissingIn link has same details as NamUs:
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    Born (or previously) Mary Ruth Aaron, and married Robert Frank Enhelder in 1992. But very little information otherwise.

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