CA - Michael Cole, 15, shot to death, Oakland, 24 Sept 2005

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    A murder investigation is underway in the East Bay. A 15-year-old honors student was shot to death in front of his Oakland home. Just three-months-ago, his father was murdered in the same spot.

    Oakland police say a man opened fire on this house on the 1200 block of 30th Street with a semi-automatic weapon early Saturday morning. Fifteen-year-old Michael Cole Junior didn't have a chance.

    Leon King, victim's friend: "Everyone was out here. He walked out to get some air and bam - one through the eye, one through the chest."

    The memorial in front of the house is an all too familiar sight. Just three months ago, Michael's father, 34 year-old Michael Cole Sr. was also shot and killed right here.
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