GUILTY CA - Officer Tony Zeppetella, 27, shot dead in Oceanside, 13 June 2003

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    Deputy District Attorney David Rubin has filed court documents asking Weber to let him show jurors the letters, and argued that they "prove the defendant's malice toward law enforcement."

    The defense in Camacho's case has also made requests about the trial, asking Weber to force District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and her office to recuse themselves from trying Camacho's case, arguing that Dumanis was politically motivated to pursue the death penalty for Camacho because he is accused of killing a police officer.

    At Zeppetella's memorial service, Dumanis told reporters she wanted to "send a message" to prevent further cop killings.

    Rubin, the prosecutor, alleges that more than a month after the slaying, Camacho wrote a letter to a second female friend about deputies at the jail.

    "It's going to be a big surprise when I send one of them home in a (expletive) bodybag!" Camacho continued in the Aug. 25, 2003 letter, according to Rubin's court filing.

    And in an Aug. 11, 2003, letter to a third female friend, Camacho alludes to his alleged ability to "put a green light" on jail deputies. In gang lingo, "put a green light" means to give the OK to have a person killed.

    In other jailhouse letters, Rubin alleges, Camacho claims that he is a "soldier" for his gang.

    The defense has brought a litany of motions as well.

    Among them is a request that Judge Weber to bar police officers who plan to attend Camacho's trial as a spectator from wearing their uniforms, because, they argue, it could have an undue influence on the jury.

    They also want Weber to toss statements Camacho made during a two-hour interrogation following his arrest.
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