Identified! CA - Rancho Cucamonga, WhtFem 633UFCA, 15-30, in vineyard, Jun'79 - *GRAPHIC* - Karen Marie Heverly

I also wanted to mention that the location she was dumped and how she was found was very similar to two other woman murdered in December 1979 and April 1980. All 3 woman were found in a 10 ish mile radius of each other.

December 1979 - Tammie Ann Peterson, 14, found nude and face down at the top of Etiwanda avenue in Rancho Cucamonga. She was last seen hitchhiking. Her murder has never been solved. She was found only wearing jewelry, not sure if she was found wearing shoes. The location she was found is only 5 miles north of where Rancho Cucamonga Doe was found. They released a photo sketch of the suspect but he was never identified. Worryingly he had a blonde 10-12 year old girl with him in the car when he dumped the body. Any people who are more familiar with Southern California have any idea who the suspect or the kid in the car could be?

23 February 1979, The San Bernardino County Sun, pg 28

April 1980 - Rena Mae Harris, 36, found nude and facedown off Summit Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga, about 5 miles east of where Rancho Cucamonga Doe was found. She was wearing only her socks, shoes, a ring and a Timex watch. She had recently moved from Oklahoma and her whereabouts before her murder are unknown.

10 April 1980, The San Bernadino Sun, pg 41

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