CA - Rita Dean Licerio, 29, Santa Ana, April 1975

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    This is my first post to WS. I’m not sure this is the right place to post my inquiry but maybe someone can direct me to a more appropriate forum. :crazy:

    The year I turned 13, I was bombarded with death. All were natural or accidental. Loss of several pets, loss of grandparent, favorite uncle, childhood friend, elderly neighbors; all sudden and overwhelming. Then, someone I didn’t know was murdered very far away. My mother had gone to school with Rita Dean. I went to school with her niece and nephew.

    Rita’s murder was solved quickly. Within a year or two of her death, there was an article in a magazine. It was the "talk of the town" in my small hometown in Kentucky. My aunt bought the mag and passed it on to my parents. After reading this mag, I spent my allowance and spare money on these types of mags – True Detective, True Crime, Real Crimes, etc…for years later into my 20’s. I had to hide these mags from my folks, just the same as my 13 yr-old brother MIGHT have hidden his Playboy mags back in the 70's. So that’s how I ended up on WS.

    I know Rita’s murder was solved. But I can’t find out what happened to the two young men who killed her. I don’t know how much time they served. But the murder was so brutal, I wonder if they committed other crimes or if they’ve been freed since, if they are responsible for other crimes. They claimed they were high on drugs, speed, weed, alcohol. But I remember as young as I was that there was something sick about them.

    Rita Dean was born in 1945 in Mercer Co., Kentucky. She was living in California in 1975 at the time of her murder. This is what I remember from the article about her murder. She was married to a husband in the film or movie industry. He was out of the state or country at the time of her murder, so he was immediately cleared of suspicion. She stopped in to a neighborhood bar/grill that she and her husband were known to frequent at least once a week, but had dinner alone at the bar the night of her murder. Two men in the bar followed her home.

    After putting on a record and changing her clothes, Rita answered the door. The two men burst through the door. They raped her, stuffed her panties down her throat and strangled her. They took several items from her home. One man had curly, spirally-like red hair and the other had dark, straight long hair. Both claimed they were high on drugs when they decided to follow her home, rape and murder her. I want to know how much time they’ve served. Who are they?

    On a search at SSI, I think I’ve identified her as Rita Licerio, born Sept. 5, 1945, died April 1975 in Santa Ana, Orange County, CA.

    Rita has haunted me for over 30 yrs. How do I find out if her killers are serving time?
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