CA - Rudolfo Alvarado, 51, Eva Gonzales, 36, & 2 sons slain, Los Angeles, 26 Apr 1999

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    33-year-old Saulo Alvarado has been arraigned on charges of murdering his father, stepmother and two half brothers in Hyde Park, Los Angeles in 1999. He's also been charged with two counts of forcible lewd acts on a child.

    Saulo, who was deported back to Guatemala in 2003 for an unrelated rape, was extradited back to LA in February. He's accused of shooting dad Rudolfo, 51, stepmom Eva Veronica, 36 and step brothers Renzo,16 and Victor, 4 and then placing the gun in Renzo's hand to make the deaths appear murder/suicides.

    It's not known how the child abuse charges are related to the case. Saulo was 16 at the time but is charged as an adult so isn't eligible for the death penalty if found guilty.

    This link says he could face the death penalty but according to the LA DA's office, that isn't so.

    LA DA's press release:
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    Man Convicted of Killing His Father, Stepmother and 2 Half-Brothers in Hyde Park When He Was 16


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