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CA CA - Sacramento, Male Skeletal UP13089, 18-99, near American River, Aug'79

Discussion in 'The Unidentified' started by Migmuu, Nov 13, 2014.

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    Age: 18 - 99
    Race: N/A
    Height: N/A
    Weight: N/A
    Body conditions: Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton
    Postmortem interval: Months

    Date: August 08, 1979
    Location: West Levee Road Access, Highway 160, near the American River, Sacramento, CA 95811
    Description: Found in the bushes near the American River off of highway 160.

    Hair color: Brown

    On body: Brown pants, brown suit coat, brown belt, blue shirt
    Near body: Brown hat
    Footwear: Brown shoes w/ black socks
    Accessories: Vial of unspecified tablets/medication

    Fingerprints: Not available
    Dentals: Not available
    DNA: Not available
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    I think this could be Matthew Nolan, who disappeared in April 1979.

    Hair color (brown) matches
    The clothing description (blue sweatshirt + brown pants) fits into the UID's clothing description
    Nolan was schizophrenic; UID had a vial of medication on him
    Timing (4 months between Nolan's disappearance and the UID's discovery) is consistent
    Distance is only 68.3 miles
    The circumstances of his disappearance are very vague, but nothing about it rules him out
    His age (21) also fits, but the age range is so wide it doesn't really mean much IMO

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