GUILTY CA - Sgt. Jan, 24, & Quiana Pietrzak, 26, murdered, Winchester, 15 Oct 2008

After reading so many of the stories of door to door operations in towns like Fallujah, Baghdad, and others, I'm not surprised it's starting to happen in Temecula. It's probably coming to a town near you.

They were a beautiful couple. What a tragedy.

As it happens, military veterans are less likely to commit violent crimes than civilians of the same age. You can find the numbers at the Department of Justice web site. That is why this crime is so shocking.
I'm gonna move this to awaiting trials with a prayer that the trials are swift and justice is done.

This makes me sick on a few different HE was a marine, two THE SUSPECTS were Marines and are supposed to be above this kind of crap. I cant help thinking there was some racial motivation here too, she was a beautiful black girl, husband was white, suspects were black...I dunno, I think it had to come into play on some level, and that too makes me sick.

I don't think there is any question that race was a factor in this crime, for the exact reasons you state. But I think many prosecutors prefer to skip the "hate crime" charges if possibe just because it complicates the case. First, it just introduces more elements that he has to prove. Second, it just seems to inflame the community even more. And in a case like this, the penalty enhancement available for hate crimes is irrelevant anyway since these guys will probably get a death sentence or life in prison anyway.
Does anyone know if trial dates have been set? It is just impossible to get much info on this case. Its unreal!
According to the last articles I can find on this case, the first trial was directed to start no later than July 25. However, i can find nothing else about it. An interesting sidenote about the competancy hearing on Kesean Sykes is that the psychologists that examined him after the courtroom outburst not only found him competant, but specifically stated that he was attempting to fake mental illness.
Despite the prior order that the first tria be no later than July 24th, I can find no information. I assume that got postponed as well. Its been three years since these brutal murders and not one of these guys has gone to trial. Anyone out in the San Diego are have any idea what is happening?
It sounds like to me that these four had a grudge against one of the couple, or maybe both. Why torture them? I think maybe the robbery was an afterthought or an attempt to cover up a motive.

They were a very attractive couple and do seem happy. Such a shame.

In no way was it for financial gain. Apparently there were racial slurs spray painted in the house and Pietrzak's wife, Quiana, was sexually assaulted. And why kill execution style?
Gladiator, I would agree that robbery was not likely the motive for this crime. Initially the four claimed they believed that Pietrzak had a large amount of cash. But that doesnt make much sense. Why would a marine Sgt have that money, especially after they had JUST bought a home. And if they thought that, they would have literally ripped the house to pieces looking for the money. I think they just didnt like the Sgt, and the fact that he was married to a beautiful black woman. So I do believe that at least part of the motive was racial. However, I am generally opposed to "hate crime" legislation so I dont have a problem with it not being charged. I just dont understand why this case has just totally disappeared from the news and why it seems to have completely stalled in the courts.
Its been 3 years (almost to the day) since this horrific crime, and as far as I know, no trials have been scheduled. I dont understand why the wheels of justice grind so slowly in California.
Well, here we still are. Three and a half years since this horrible crime was committed and still none of the defendants have been brought to trial. Nor, as best as I can tell is any firm trial date set. Evidence deteriorates, witnesses age and forget. And yet the trial judge seems utterly unconcerned with moving these cases forward. Crazy.
We are now approaching the 4th anniversary of this horrible crime and not only have there been no trials, there don't appear to be any trial dates even set. Unbelievable. Does anyone know anything about why this case has just disappeared?
Does anyone in the San Diego area have any information on the trials for this case? The last info I could find indicated that trials were set to be begin on January 28, but I see no reports indicating that has happened. Wondering if they have been delayed yet again.
I e-mailed a reporter & asked if she could tell me the date of the trial.Will post if I get an answer!
Thanks Syra. It just seems impossible to get any new information on this case for some reason.
Thanks again Syra. Its good to know this case is FINALLY going to trial. It is ridiculous that its takes this long just to get to trial in California.
YW-I asked for updates at the news station.I will post them if I get any.I don't know if a reporter in going to be in the courtroom,but we will see!!
Yeah-5 yrs is a long time for a case to hit the courtroom.

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