Deceased/Not Found CA - Sierra LaMar, 15, Morgan Hill, 16 March 2012 #22 *A. Garcia-Torres guilty*

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Learned some new things from 1st day of trial that we didn't know (at least I didn't know) back in early threads -

GT like to feed Mama Cat and her kittens located where SL's clothes were found - cat food was found in his trunk.
Evidence that she was dragged from where she was taken.
SL was left with nothing to wear after attack.
GT used gloves found in trunk.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 15m15 minutes ago
#sierralamar Day Two: waiting to get into court for more than an hour. DA to continue his opening, then defense.
Azenith Smith ‏@AzenithKTVU · 3m3 minutes ago
In courtroom,half full. #SierraLaMar's dad in court. Prosecution talking about Antolin Garcia-Torres's alleged attempted kidnappings. #ktvu
Azenith Smith ‏@AzenithKTVU · 6m6 minutes ago
Garcia-Torres is accused of attempting to kidnap/attack 3 women in March 2009 in #MorganHill Safeway parking lot, where he worked. #ktvu
Morgan Hill Times ‏@morganhilltimes · 34s35 seconds ago
Boyd: Garcia Torres' thumb print was on battery of stun gun used in 2009 Safeway incident. #SierraLaMar – at Superior Court Hall of Justice
Jenna Lyons Verified account  ‏@JennaJourno · 1m1 minute ago
Police interview after disappearance: Garcia-Torres tells police he was driving near abduction site day of #SierraLaMar disappearance
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 40s40 seconds ago
They return for 2nd interview April 7, 2012: He admits he was in area when she disappeared. "He drives a car no one can miss"
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 4m4 minutes ago
Defendant told investigators initially he only heard of Sierra from TV. Went snowboarding day after she vanished.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 7m7 minutes ago
Women attacked in 2009 didn't see photo lineup until 3 years later, after Sierra vanished. They Did not ID him but gave similar description
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 11m11 minutes ago
Left thumb Fingerprint of Def found on 9-volt battery of dropped stun gun.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 13m13 minutes ago
Boyd: "Thankfully, that worked, and the defendant went away."
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 15m15 minutes ago
#sierralamar 1st attack: frontal; 2nd: from behind; 3rd: woman said "I'm pregnant," he ran off.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 3m3 minutes ago
"Nothing said, nothing taken," Boyd said of one of the 2009 attacks on women in Safeway lots. Defense called them purse snatchings.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 9m9 minutes ago
Finally, #sierralamar trial resumes. DA David Boyd resumes opening statement re 3 attempted kidnappings in 2009.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 2m2 minutes ago
Defense Atty Al Lopez will give his opening statement shortly.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 4m4 minutes ago pick someone younger, smaller and more vulnerable, immersed in her life, headphones in her ears, on her way to the bus stop."
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 7m7 minutes ago
DA: "The only trace of her body is found in his car. And it wasn't his first time. He learned ( from previous attacks)...
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 11m11 minutes ago
He says he was in area the day she vanished -- on his way to go fishing. Lived 7 miles away.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 12m12 minutes ago
Def "I like to masturbate... in my car. that's the only way my DNA would get out there." uses Kleenex/toilet paper, threw it out of his car.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 16m16 minutes ago
Cops never say anything abt sperm. They explain how DNA is transferred when people r close together.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 20m20 minutes ago
DA plays interview tape of Garcia-Torres on April 7, 2012. Cops ask is there a reason why we r going to find yr DNA/fingerprints
Sorry if not posting Chrome on laptop is acting up
It sounds like he raped Sierra in his car and is making excuses in case his sperm was found.

The other three women are lucky to be alive.
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tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 27s27 seconds ago
Lopez says you can't calculate probability stats for mixed DNA, attacking the DA's assertions.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 4m4 minutes ago
Lopez criticizes complicated mixtures of DNA in tiny amounts, which he said was found in this case.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 6m6 minutes ago
Lopez tells jury that DNA evidence can be transferred via another person. Also, says that contact DNA Is durable, withstands soap, alcohol.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 11m11 minutes ago
Yesterday, DA said moisture from rain could have caused it to flicker.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 12m12 minutes ago
Lopez claims her phone at 10:45 the night she disappeared went back on the network, indicating it could have been moved.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 15m15 minutes ago
Lopez: "You're not going to hear any evidence she was killed, none."
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 18m18 minutes ago
other clerks wil testify that the 9-volt battery packages popped open often, forcing clerks to stuff them back in & tape up the package.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 20m20 minutes ago
...he was really good at "go-back," meaning returning items to the shelf, accding to the manager who wil testify.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 22m22 minutes ago
Lopez: There's an innocent explanation for Mr. Garcia-Torres' fingerprint on the battery. He bagged groceries at Safeway, also ...
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 27m27 minutes ago
Is a mistake." About the fingerprint on stun gun battery, Lopez says that the prosecution hasn't shown when the print got there or how.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 30m30 minutes ago
Re Safeway attacks, Lopez says, "Was it potentially a robbery, we don't know. To leap to the conclusion it was an attempted kidnapping...
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 32m32 minutes ago
Lopez: "You're going to hear shame evidence that doesn't prove anything. It's meant to distract you but it's not true."
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 35m35 minutes ago
Lopez stresses that DA has to prove a crime was committed in the first place. He's trying to raise doubt b/c of the lack of a body
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 39m39 minutes ago
#sierralamar Defense Atty Al Lopez stats opening statement, reminding jury to keep an open mind, throughout trial.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 3m3 minutes ago
Lopez: "The govt has big problems in this case with transfer." Investigators who found her backpack w/ her clothes ignored DNA protocol."
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 19s19 seconds ago
"Everything is getting all mixed up," Lopez says, referring to the DNA in the cop station and Sierra's items.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 2m2 minutes ago
Lopez: they dumped it on a dirty cork board, contaminating it. In lab, analysts use clean butcher paper on clean stainless steel tables.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 4m4 minutes ago
The jury will hear very technical, contrasting explanations of DNA, one of the reasons the trial will take months.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 56s57 seconds ago
Lopez points out the DA relied on two tests initially to confirm it was likely to be Garcia-Torres' DNA on her clothes. But...
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 44s44 seconds ago
Lopez contends there was no hair on the rope when it was first recovered, accding to high-res photo cops took.
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 2m2 minutes ago
BUT the lab revised its protocols this summer and now says second test is inconclusive. Lopez: "They had it wrong."
I would have thought this trial would have garnered more attention here but there are only 12 interested at the moment.. :(
tracey kaplan ‏@tkaplanreport 3m3 minutes ago
But four months later, when the lab tested it, it had 57-58 hairs on it, including one the DA says contains Sierra's DNA.
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