CA CA - Sonoma Co, Rohnert Park, WhtMale 40-55, UP13589, mountain bike, Jan'15

Discussion in 'The Unidentified' started by Romulus, Aug 20, 2015.

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    And the sketch!!!! Looks so much like him, down to the rim along the glasses.
    Although common, especially with these kind of glasses, I just cannot get over the similarities.

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    The height and weight are close too (5'11'' and 200 lbs.). There is more about Zani at the Charley Project. Including this: "Zani suffers from mental illness requiring medication. If he doesn't take his medication he may become disoriented and need to be hospitalized. He is not considered suicidal or a danger to others, however."

    William Michael Zani Jr. – The Charley Project

    I guess I have doubts he could have survived ten years on his own and have ended up in California, but still it's quite a good match appearances-wise.
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    His Namus is down, hopefully there will be the news soon. It seems there is a slow down with announcements (at least with the DDP cases)
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