CA - Spencer David Gogue, 43, deaf, mute and semi-transient, Los Angeles, November 27, 2014


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Feb 17, 2021
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Missing Person / NamUs #MP122491Spencer David Gogue, Male, Other
Date of Last ContactNovember 27, 2014
Missing FromLos Angeles, California


Missing Age43 Years
Current Age52 Years
Legal First Name Spencer
Middle NameDavid
Legal Last NameGogue
Chosen Name/Nickname/Alias--

Biological SexMale
Height5' 6" (66 Inches)
Weight120 - 130 lbs
Race / EthnicityOther


Date of Last ContactNovember 27, 2014
NamUs Case CreatedMay 21, 2024

Last Known Location Map

LocationLos Angeles, California 90744
CountyLos Angeles County
Missing From Tribal LandNo
Primary Residence on Tribal Land--
Circumstances of DisappearanceSpencer was deaf and mute and lived a semi-transient lifestyle. Spencer may have disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Physical Description​

Hair Color: Black
Left Eye Color: Brown
Right Eye Color: Brown

Distinctive Physical Features​

TT of an Indian head with a braid on unknown shoulder; tribal band on unknown wrist
MP was recently entered into NAMUS. I have found John Doe #UP16874 to be a possible match.


The Medical Examiner’s Office was kind enough to give me the email of LA Adult Missing Persons Unit and the Identifications Department of the ME.

Side-note: She was really appreciate of the possible match suggestion, even going to great lengths to look into the directory and ensure I was emailing the correct departments. I don’t think these emails are publicly accessible, so I’m very grateful to her for that.

Pro-Tip: In my experience the medical examiners office have been much more open to suggestions from the public. I think LE can at times be over extended and as a result burnt out and a bit jaded. I have found much more resistance there.

At any rate, I hope this can get resolved soon.
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His father passed away last July, and Spencer is listed as surviving him in the obituary. I wonder if his absence at the funeral has prompted this new urgency from the family to locate him and also inform him of his fathers passing.

As per the obit, his family moved to California from Guam which also explains the mixed/multiple race categorization.
Spencer may have disappeared under suspicious circumstances.
He makes some incoherent and confusing statements about his girlfriend roughly 6-7 months prior to his disappearance. However I can’t make heads or tails of what he’s saying.

Unfortunately anything she might know about his disappearance went away when she passed in 2019.

I can’t make any sense of anything he’s posted on Facebook. I would imagine he had some language issues, particularly if English might not have been his first or only language, but I wonder how much of it could be attributed to mental health issues as well. He certainly sounds upset in what he’s posting even though I can’t really understand it. Hoping he’s found soon though.
Please follow-up with LAPD Missing Persons regarding their missing person. They have nothing available to conduct a scientific comparison to Los Angeles Medical Examiner case 2017-05413.
Medial examiner is saying there is no dna on file for Samuel. I have followed up with LAPD Missing Persons. I hope both cases even if they are not linked, get resolved soon.

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