GUILTY CA - Tyrone Lyles, 37, shot to death, Oakland, 8 June 2007

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    Man's dying declaration used against murder suspect in trial

    OAKLAND [CA] -- As Tyrone Lyles lay dying from a gunshot wound to his stomach three years ago, he gave authorities an important clue about who his killer was. "Oh R," Lyles is heard saying on a recording. "Why you done me like that R? R, why you do me like that, dude?"

    Those were the last words Lyles, 37, said before he died near 83rd Avenue and Birch Street in June 2007. They were used by a prosecutor in court to convince a jury that Arliton Johnson, of Oakland, should be found guilty of first-degree murder.

    Lyles' dying declaration was recorded by ShotSpotter, a system of recording and tracking devices that give police officers almost immediate information about locations of gunfire and automatically begin an audio recording at the sound of a gunshot....."

    more at link

    ShotSpotter: (lost of info and links) (a series of videos which demonstate)
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