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    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Los Angeles, California, police detectives are looking for a serial killer who they believe killed at least 11 people, many of them prostitutes, over a 23-year period.

    Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Charlie Beck said DNA evidence and ballistics tests have convinced detectives that the same killer is connected to the slayings in Los Angeles and Inglewood.

    The victims were prostitutes or drug users who were sexually assaulted and then shot and dumped in alleyways or inside dumpsters, police said.

    The most recent killing -- in January 2007 -- was tied exclusively to DNA analysis to another case after 13 years. However, detectives have not been able to identify the killer through state or federal DNA databases of convicted felons.

    According to Beck, authorities are still examining over 50,000 inmates in state prison for similar crimes, but not all of them have DNA profiles.

    One theory investigators are exploring about the gaps between the killings is the possibility that the killer served time in prison. Authorities are scouring files of inmates who were in prison serving time during periods of the killer's apparent inactivity.

    All of the victims are young African-American females except for one black man.

    The first known slaying occurred in 1985 when 29-year-old Debra Jackson was shot multiple times in the chest, police said.

    In 1988, a woman was sexually assaulted and shot. She survived and gave police a vague description of the suspect. However, Beck said the description was not enough for authorities to draw a composite sketch.
    Those cases went cold until detectives connected three additional murders since 2002 based primarily on recently developed DNA technology.

    Beck said authorities preserved fluid samples of DNA the killer left behind in earlier killings and found conclusive similarities on the body of three victims, including the most recent slaying from 2007.

    Another theory investigators are examining is the possibility the killer may have left the state of California and committed crimes in other parts of the country.

    "This is the mind of a maniac, but we have a tight victim profile and powerful evidence that has taken us across the country," Beck said. "The victims are the most vulnerable in society and we know the suspect is involved in prostitution. Eventually, we will find him."
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    He's left behind DNA evidence at least, so maybe they can connect more murders to him. For being around since 88' and still not being caught, i'm sure he's killed a lot more than they estimate at 11.
    He hasn't been in the system, or they would have matched his dna up, right?
    So he's someone who has evaded the system.
    They should check his dna across the whole country.
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    You know it makes me angry. At some point you would think that LE would put together some info that indicated that maybe one person might be going around killing people. But instead of alerting the targeted population, it is kept quiet.

    If alerted there is a chance that some women might have decided to leave prostitution and choose another lifestyle. Other women might have stayed in the lifestyle, but might have become more selective about who they were choosing to go with. Still others might have been more observant about who was going with who. But bottom line, it would have been their decisions. Instead, they have no warnings, no indications of danger and they stay in a risky lifestyle that was unknowingly riskier.

    Some will say that the women knew they were in a risky lifestyle and that that was their decision. But they were not even given warning. And this happens with other types of serials too. I don't know how many times I have seen arrests for rape and murder that have said this one and that one suspected of being a serial killer or rapist.... even when there had been no earlier warnings that a serial was in the area.
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    They believe the suspect is involved in prostitution? I wonder if they think he's a pimp, a john, or involved in organized crime.
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    the unknown serial killer is called Lonnie David Franklin Jr aka grim sleeper

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