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    This is a bizarre case. There is not a whole lot of info I can find accept for this website which has a lot of info about the case - interviews with people associated, analysis of evidence, indepth explanation of who Vasily was and how he was murdered, etc.

    Nabokov immigrated to the US with his parents from Russia in the 60's. In the 80's he became involved in amateur pornography. He used video dating to lure his models and many girls claim he drugged them, raped them on film and produced the film as pornography. Nabokov saw the potential for porn to be a big money maker and was in the process of getting financial backing and looking into using the internet as a resource. One rumour is he had gotten involved with the Russian mob and they were interested in helping him finance his business. It is also rumoured that Nabokov owed the mob huge amounts in gambling debt.

    On September 11th 1992 someone murdered Nabokov (and I can't say I don't think he didn't deserve it). The COD was blunt force trauma. His body was found on the floor of his penthouse apartment by his maid who called 911. Upon entering the residence LE heard noises coming from the closet. They found an 18 year old girl bound and gagged. She claimed that Nabokov had kidnapped her a few days prior after she answered his video dating ad. She had heard two men arguing and woman's voice before the apt fell silent.

    Vasily's apt was full of cameras, mirrors and cameras and it was obvious he was engaged in the pornography business. He had hundreds of tapes of porn he made with girls and they were all organized and labeled. The girl in the closet claims some of the tapes were gone after Vasily was killed. LE contacted several girls from the videos and their boyfriends. One bf in particular "Roger" (interview is on the website) stood out because he had previously confronted Vasily. His girlfriend willing took part the first time but regretted it and asked him to throw it away - he did not. He blackmailed her with it and told her if she did not continue making films he would show the vids to her boyfriend and her father. The videos the girlfriend made with Vasily were gone from the apt.

    There was some evidence at the crime scene but the blood was not enough to extract a DNA profile. There was a button found too. LE believes Vasily was killed with a blow from a golf club. His clubs were leaning up against the wall and LE believes the killer took the club he used with him.

    The fact the killer used something at the scene to kill Vasily with makes me stray away from the idea it was a mob killing. If the mob had gone there with the intention of performing a hit they would have brought their own weapon. Also the fact another female was present sounds to me like someone went to his apt angry and wanting to confront him, things got heated and the person lost control grabbed a club and wacked him.

    One interesting note - the girl in the closet said Vasily began yelling at the person in Russian. She could not tell if the person answered back in Russian or not.

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