CA - Video captures lifeguard attacked at Venice Beach

Discussion in 'Crimes in the News' started by zwiebel, Jul 31, 2015.

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    An onlooker has captured the moment a Venice Beach, Los Angeles lifeguard climbed down from his lookout and was immediately viciously attacked by two men and a woman, Thursday evening.

    Unfortunately for them, the lifeguard's good physical condition meant that one of the males ended up knocked out cold on the floor. The lifeguard sustained deep scratches on his face from the woman, who maintains in the video she was sexually harrassed. The lifeguard says the attack began after a lit cigarette was flicked at his lookout tower.

    Three suspects are in custody although the unconscious man was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown.

    Video of the attack at link.

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    This whole thing makes me so bad. We lived in Venice Beach for 20 years. I LOVED living there. But we moved to the suburbs when my kids were going to middle school because we wanted a better school district. But my daughter lived in Venice for the past 2 years and just moved away last month. Literally, one month ago, she decided things were getting too crazy there. There has been some random violence that was just very scary. She lived a block away from this life guard tower!

    I cannot believe they would jump a life guard. It is just out of control there now. Recently there was a teen girl that was jumped by several skateboarders. They hit her in the head w/a skateboard. :no:

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