CA - Woman Brings Gun to Church Threatens Parishioners and Baby

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    A woman brought her baby onto the stage at church on Easter Sunday, along with a gun. She ranted and pointed the gun at people, and at her baby, threatening to shoot them and the child if they came close.

    The parishioners worked together to distract, tackle, disarm her and rescue her baby.

    (She had two guns and neither was loaded).

    Woman With Baby, Gun Accused of Threatening Easter Churchgoers

    Her FB shows she's been nuts for some time. And instead of trying to urge her to get help or callfor a welfare check for her, her FB friends argued scripture with her!

    Sounds like possible post-part psychosis and not one person helped, even though she has two young kids:

    Anna Conkey
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    Very sad. Seems to clearly have been a deteriorating mental issue there. Its very fortunate that it ended without anyone being harmed. It would be interesting to know the results an any evaluations. But that will of course be confidential.
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