Cambodia - Sean Flynn, 28, & Dana Stone, 31, Phnom Penh, 6 April 1970

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    "May 17, 2010 - While the world continues to follow the breaking story of Errol Flynn's son's remains may have been recently found in Cambodia, THE ROAD TO FREEDOM, a film inspired by his story, is at Cannes May 12-23, 2010.

    Fresh off a well received, red carpet premiere in Hollywood and a strong showing at the Arizona International Film Festival, "The Road to Freedom," was deemed
    "A Cinematic Journey" by Bajan Vista Productions has aligned with Ostrow & Company and they will represent the film's available worldwide rights.

    "At a time when a grave has just been discovered in Cambodia, this film could not be more relevant."-

    The film was inspired by the true story about film legend Errol Flynn's son Sean, who left his Hollywood career seeking fame and adventure as a photojournalist on assignment with TIME Magazine in Cambodia during the Vietnam War, never to be seen again."

    I do not know how reliable this resource is, but the story itself is fascinating! My 10 year old wanted to see a picture of Errol Flynn and we stumbled upon this press piece about his son who left Hollywood to become a photojournalist and never returned from South East Asia.
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    Thank you for posting this. I had never heard the story about Errol Flynn's son. The remains were found in March, has there been any word that they are definitely his son's?

    I don't know how to post a picture without uploading it to photobucket, but here's a link with lots of pictures of Sean Flynn. He was a very handsome and brave young man. He looks a lot like his father.

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