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Discussion in 'Brianna Denison' started by TopGunner, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Hey All -

    I don't know if this helps shed a little light on the general inner workings of how crime is handled at college, but I asked my child who lives away at school how it was handled at their school. I was told all crime is reported immediately by campus email. She just forwarded this to show me. Of course, names have been changed...

    Subject: Campus Safety Alert

    Please post

    Safety Alert

    The W*** University Department of Public Safety received a report of a burglary which occurred in the B**** Building. On Monday 2/25/08 at approximately 5:00 pm a faculty member entered her office and surprised a suspect attempting to remove the hard drive from her university computer. The suspect then fled the scene leaving behind his bag and the computer parts.

    The suspect is described as a black male, 25-30, with facial hair, 5'10, stocky build wearing dark clothing and carrying a large black bag. An investigation into the suspect's identity is on-going.

    The campus community is reminded to secure all valuables and to lock office and residence hall doors when not present in the room. University members should contact the Department of Public Safety immediately if they observe suspicious persons or situations.

    Anyone with information relating to this crime is encouraged to contact the W**** University Public Safety Department at 555-555-5555.


    · Always keep your valuables secured and out of sight when possible.

    · Keep doors and windows locked when not present.

    · Keep a record of serials numbers of all valuable items.

    · Be alert to suspicious persons and activities going on around you.

    · Be aware of your surroundings.

    · Safety & security are the responsibility of all of us.

    · Report all crimes and suspicious incidents immediately.

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    thanks TG! certainly sheds some light for me...
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    Thanks for posting that. That is how the system worked when I was in college too, but I was wondering if it was used by other schools too. My college also would post safety alerts on all the building doors and some bulletin boards- not for all the crimes but for the more dangerous/high risk type crimes that occurred. I know they do that at my brothers college too because I've seen the posters in his building entryway when I go to visit him. I guess its probably pretty standard then?

    I did see in one of the articles from Reno newspaper that the UNR police issued an alert for the November case, not sure if they did one in December or not.
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    Brianna would not have seen any such alert as she was not attending that particular college. This is where I feel LE let the public down by not going far enough with the first cases and alerting the public via the media as a whole.
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    What is your criteria for when LE should alert the public?

    What type of media outlet should LE use?

    How should the alert be worded?

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