CANADA Canada - Brenda Meyers, 41, Calgary, 19 March 2006


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Dec 14, 2013
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Brenda Lee Meyers was a friend of our family, a waitress who had worked at one of our favorite restaurants, Louie's Pizza and Lounge. It was owned by a Greek family, and when the parents retired she went to work at Madison's Cafe, which was owned and managed by the couple's youngest son. We moved out of Calgary and into neighboring Airdrie and lost touch with her and most of our other friends from the city. (I have since relocated back to Calgary). Imagine my shock when almost 10 years later seeing her face on the front page of The Calgary Sun and finding out she had been murdered!

Here are some links regarding the case:

Brenda, for some reason, was alone that night at the cafe. Her body was discovered in the basement; a fire was set, probably an attempt to cover the tracks of the killer or killers.

She, and her common-law husband, Jim, played on the Louie's baseball team (as did my mother and stepfather and several other restaurant regulars) and we used to go camping in British Columbia. She always brought her son Adam along.

That part of Calgary (Brentwood) is generally considered to be one of the safer areas, even though we've had our share of crime here, especially in the past couple of years. A few years before she died, I had dinner at Madison's with some friends and spotted her, but she was working, and I didn't have much of a chance to speak to Brenda. Now, I really wish I had.

As far as Jim knew, she was not involved with drugs or anything, which just deepens the mystery. Why was she there alone? What was the motive? Was it merely a robbery gone bad? Or something more?

The last I heard, there was a "person of interest" but apart from that her case seems to have gone cold . . . . again.

I hope that it will be solved. I feel so terrible for her family and friends. What a loss. She was a warm person, but one who didn't take any crap. And it was something to love about her.

RIP Brenda, we miss you!

I am very sorry for your loss NoirDame and I pray Brenda Lee Myers finds Justice.

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