GUILTY Canada - Bridget Theobald for child pornography, Perth, Ont, 2011

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    Lanark early childhood educator lived ‘hidden life’ collecting child pornography

    Woman jailed over collection of videos and photos spanning 10 years

    PERTH — A woman who worked as an early childhood educator at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School in Lanark Highlands will serve three and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to child pornography charges.

    Justice David Paciocco called Bridget Theobald’s child pornography collection “massive and vile.”

    Theobald, 33, was charged with possessing, making available and accessing child pornography in September 2011 after an undercover online investigation involving the Perth Police and the OPP Child Sexual Exploitation Unit.

    She was sentenced Nov. 29 after pleading guilty in July 2012 to possessing and making available child pornography. The charge of accessing child pornography was stayed.

    After obtaining a search warrant, police searched the home where Theobald lived with her parents in Perth on Sept. 26, 2011, and confiscated three computers and other equipment, including external hard drives and DVDs that contained images, videos and stories depicting child sexual abuse.
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    With more and more of these disgusting cases revealing female sexual deviants, it makes me believe that this is NOT a gender-based gene-linked issue at all. If genetic, researchers need to look beyond the male gene for answers.

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