CANADA Canada - Cindy Blazek, 23, Onion Lake, Sask, 7 December 1986

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    Cindy Blazek was stabbed, beaten and left in a burning house. Police say anyone with information can call Crimestoppers at 1800-842-8477.

    p.s. I cannot seem to copy the facts in the above article so if any dear websleuthers can post snippets then it would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you, I really feel for Cindy's family, my thoughts and prayers go out to them in Saskatchewan.
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    On Dec. 7, 1986, Blazek's roommate was away and she was home alone in Onion Lake. She was wrapping Christmas presents and getting ready to head south to be with family for the holidays.
    That weekend she had planned to drive to Pelican Narrows to see her boyfriend, an RCMP officer she'd met while living there, but she changed her mind and decided to stay put.
    Her friends and family only learned some of the details of that night through subsequent trials, and still no one knows exactly what happened. But that evening Blazek was attacked in her home, stabbed, her body left to burn when the house was set on fire.
    At first, all that police would tell the family was Blazek's house had burned. But soon, police revealed she had been killed.


    A teenager and a man named Brian Perry, both from the reserve, were charged in connection with the death. The teen was found not guilty, and Perry's conviction was overturned on appeal.



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