GUILTY Canada - Daniel Gyselinck for child pornography, Barrie, Ont, 2009

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    Santa poser had large child porn collection
    Last Updated: Thursday, April 22, 2010 | 2:37 PM ET
    CBC News

    A Barrie, Ont., man who loved to dress up as Santa Claus pleaded guilty Wednesday to the possession of 90,000 images of child pornography.

    Sporting a white beard and long white hair, Daniel Walter Gyselinck, 59, quietly answered "guilty" to the charge.

    He also pleaded guilty to making the images available to the public.

    The court was told Gyselinck also had more than 1,000 video clips of child porn.

    Police testified that during his arrest, Gyselinck told them that, when he is at his computer, he slips "into this dark side" and that he is "only human."

    Gyselinck also told police it was easy to download any type of child porn and asked why the government doesn't stop making it so easily available.
    "I always had a feeling something was wrong," said the woman, who asked to be identified only as Betty.

    "I think he really thought he was Santa, the way he strutted around. He always told the kiddies he was watching them."

    She said Gyselinck would often come to work wearing a Christmas tie and Christmas hat, even though it was summer. After the Santa Claus parade in Barrie last November, she said, he came to work still dressed in a Santa suit.

    "He strutted around here for hours," she said. "It's creepy."

    more here
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    OMG.... Wow, this is digusting. I hope he was not hired for Santa and how many little ones he would have sitting on his knee. What a way to get around children. I cant believe I never heard bout this. My daughter lives in Barrie, Ontario.
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    Shoot. I almost confused him with the guy who was a clown, but sometimes Santa. I have to look what ever happened to that creep.

    The best is he blames the gubberment. They shouldn't make it so darn easy. Well true dat, Santister, but ya might want to take a lil blame here.

    Ever notice anymore alot of people have the kids stand next to Santa? That's a good lookout for all involved. Nothing like telling your kids to not talk to strangers or go with them and then hand them over and demand they talk to the guy and make them get a photograph.
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    That's absolutely sickening.
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    Bad Santa jailed for child porn

    "A man who played Santa Claus in the Barrie Christmas parade was sentenced to 40 months in jail yesterday for child pornography charges.

    Standing in handcuffs in the prisoner’s box with a white beard and long white hair, Daniel Gyselinck, 58, told the judge he is “sorry” after pleading guilty to possession of over 90,000 images and 1,211 movies of child pornography.

    He also pleaded guilty to making child pornography after he downloaded the movies and images from Limewire and copied them on to thousands of CDs.

    Jailed since his arrest last June, he was awarded two-for-one credit for 13 months served, leaving him with 14 months remaining in his sentence...."


    "...When police knocked on his door last year, they found his shelves lined with stacks of CDs, as well as thousands of dolls, stuffed toys, Christmas trinkets and a Santa Suit.

    more at link

    40 months and we are to believe that he never physically sexually abused a child--that he only entered his self described "dark world" while on the internet? Was he just a doll collector?

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