CANADA Canada - Dylan Ehler, 3, Truro, Nova Scotia, 6 May 2020 *Reward*

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10:42 pm update:

UPDATE: Ground Search and Rescue, Police, Fire, DNR and EMO continue to search for a missing 3-year-old boy in Truro #NovaScotia

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Many locals on scene helping with the search. They have closed off streets in the area where he was last seen.

Ground and helicopter searches are ongoing.
Graeme Benjamin

UPDATE: #Truro Mayor Bill Mills tells me a police canine unit, helicopter and ground search and rescue team have all been brought in to assist with the search for 3-year-old Dylan.
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Almost 0 degrees out, cloudy. Possible snow/rain mix tomorrow.

Helicopters have been focusing on the Stanfield’s Ball field area. ETA: Police have restricted public access to the Ball Field area.

ETA: SOE restrictions have been lifted for the surrounding areas to allow everyone to join in the search.***Public restricted to certain areas so that nothing interferes with the ongoing canine searches***
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Alexa MacLean
Truro Police say the search for Dylan began around 1:15 this afternoon. Numerous agencies are assisting - including CN Police, RCMP, Colchester Search and Rescue.

Alexa MacLean on Twitter

ETA: 11:35 pm— no further updates are likely until a press briefing tomorrow morning, or if circumstances warrant one.

C’mon, little guy. Everyone wants you home safe and sound. Everyone is searching hard for you.❤️
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No news.

1:30 am. There are apparently at least one hundred civilian volunteers searching right now in addition to all of the first responders.

Locals have put all of their lights on, including Christmas lights.

One good suggestion that was made was to ask that people check their car and home cameras to see if they may have caught him on video.

Another young child went missing here in N.S. recently and it was the police canine unit that found her safe and sound after many hours.

The heightened concern here with Dylan is where he was last seen, and its proximity to a brook and river.

There are train tracks close by as well that are being searched, but no mention of recent train activity that I’m aware of.
''No foul play, no Amber Alert

In a news release distributed Thursday morning, the Truro Police Service said it does not believe Dylan's disappearance involves any foul play, and therefore it did not issue an Amber Alert.


Search and rescue crews are seen in the Salmon River in Truro, N.S., looking for Dylan on Thursday morning. (Paul Palmeter/CBC)
Truro councillor Cathy Hinton said people in the local community were frantic when they learned of the disappearance. Hinton represents the ward where Ehler went missing.

"We have a very strong ward here, a good sense of community in our ward and our town ... and we're devastated over this. We've had so much in the past, and this just seems like it can't be possible. Not one more thing in this town. It's unbelievable," said Hinton in an interview.

'We do not need more tragedy in Nova Scotia'
Truro is about 40 kilometres east of Portapique, where a mass killing began the night of April 18. Both towns are part of Colchester County, which was the home of many of the 22 victims who died over the course of the shooting rampage, which ended on April 19 at a gas station in Enfield.''
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Queen St & Elizabeth St
Q104 Update: From Truro Police Service The search for Dylan Ehler is continuing. We appreciate all the support and concerns that we are receiving. Volunteers are not required at this time as we have adequate search teams in place.Thank you for understanding. Contact Truro Police if you have any info 902-895-5351

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He was outside playing with his grandmother yesterday when he disappeared.

He likes to run and hide in small places.

Most concerning is that his boots were found in Lepper Brook last night.

“A dive team also joined the search Thursday morning.

"Truro Police can confirm that the search is continuing to focus on a waterway near the last known sighting of Dylan," the Truro Police Service said in a news release.

Police have also confirmed that the boy's boots were found in the water of Lepper Brook Wednesday evening.”
Search for missing 3-year-old boy continues in Truro, N.S.
Post via Town of Truro on fb;

Updated as of May 7, 2020 - 12:00pm

The search for Dylan Ehler is continuing.

This morning, Colchester Ground Search and Rescue was relieved by the Halifax Ground Search and Rescue team. The Provincial Dive Team is now onsite and concentrating their efforts on the waterways near the Salmon River.

Truro Police can confirm that the search is continuing to focus on a waterway near the last know sighting of Dylan.

The Department of Natural Resources air support is continuing to provide support.

Truro Police can confirm at this time, foul play does not appear to be a factor in Dylan’s disappearance, therefore, an Amber Alert has not been issued.

We would like to thank the public and the business community for all of their support as the search continues.

While the Truro Police appreciates everyone who wishes to volunteer, the Ground Search and Rescue team has all of the appropriate equipment and support required at this time. Having civilians onsite could potentially lead to the destruction of evidence or tracks.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Truro Police Service at 902-895-5351.
Boots belonging to missing 3-year-old located as search continues in Truro, N.S.

Dave MacNeil, chief of the Truro Police Service, says the boots belonging to David Ehler were found in two different locations Wednesday evening.

“One was found in Lepper Brook, probably closer to the property that the family owns, and then one was found further down the brook, around a turn where it starts to enter into the Salmon River,” MacNeil said at a press briefing Thursday afternoon.

MacNeil added that one boot was found at 7:20 p.m., while the other was located just before 9 p.m.
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Via town of Truro;

Updated as of May 7, 2020 – 6:00pm

Truro Police are currently entering the third, 12 hour Operational Phase in the search for Dylan Ehler.

Unfortunately, at this point the extensive efforts put forth by searchers have not yielded any new clues or information.

In consultation with the family, we are now moving from a search mode to a recovery mode.

Dylan’s family has had an opportunity to attend our command post and have been shown the area covered by searches and the extensive equipment and efforts used to find Dylan.

The search has consisted of ground searchers, police K-9 unit, a helicopter, aerial drones, thermal imaging cameras, underwater cameras, and a dive team, to name some of the techniques.

This does not mean the team has given up on finding Dylan.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Truro Police Service at 902-895-5351
What a cute little boy and heartbreaking situation, I feel so bad for grandma too, it would be a very terrible thing to have to live with. Finding the boots that way is completely gut wrenching!

why is it that humans gravitate towards water and that’s often the first place that needs to be searched? It’s such a horrible phenomena.. sending this family my love :(

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