Found Deceased Canada - Katrina Blagdon 37, picking up food w/ bf, St Catharines, ONT, 31 Dec 2021

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"The body has been sent for a post-mortem examination and positive identification," says Stephanie Sabourin, a spokeswoman for the Niagara Regional Police.

The family of Katrina Blagdon, a St. Catharines woman who mysteriously vanished on New Year's Eve, has been informed of the discovery. In a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, Blagdon's older sister, Kelly, asked for privacy while the family waits for more information.

"Trina's Army," she wrote, referring to the thousands of people who have rallied together over the past four months to help find the 37-year-old mother of two. "We have been made aware of a female body found in St. Catharines this morning. We ask that you please respect our privacy until such time as the identity has been confirmed."
This was posted Monday night, 09May22
on the public FB search group ~
MISSING: Katrina Blagdon - TR!NAs ARMY public group | Facebook

Trina’s Army

With respect to the female found in Port Dalhousie on May 4, 2022:

As of this moment we have received no confirmation of identification.

If you want to know how to help during this trying time then please continue the search for Katrina and her missing items.

Again these items are:

- A white duvet (box stitch style)
- An electric blue sleeping bag
-Purple Jacket
-black snow boots
-dark people (almost black) thick framed glasses with a very weak myopic prescription

We have chosen to continue the searches on our own while we await official word from police.

If you happen to find one of these items listed above then please contact the police.

I assure you that is a very agonizing time for us and we continue to ask for privacy.

Much love and gratitude,

Katrina’s Family

(In the above, I think she means "dark purple glasses.)

So, a white duvet, and a sleeping bag are missing.


*sigh again*
So, a white duvet, and a sleeping bag are missing.
Yes I believe the mention of these specific items is noteworthy.

Originally Katrina's BF claimed he fell asleep, and when he woke up Katrina had disappeared. However, logically it doesn't make sense that Katrina would take a sleeping bag and duvet with her when she 'disappeared' and yet leave her wallet, credit cards, clothing, and all other personal belongings behind at her home. MOO
May 10, 2022
''In of January 2022 the Niagara Regional Police Service commenced a missing person investigation for Katrina Blagdon (37 years) of St. Catharines.
On May 4, 2022, at approximately 8:20AM the Niagara Regional Police Service was contacted by St. Catharines Hydro employees working near the Heywood Generating Station in the Port Dalhousie area of St. Catharines.
Employees had discovered the body of deceased person in the water. 1 District St. Catharines uniform officers attended the scene. Due to the location of the body, temporary road closures were put into effect.
Detectives from the 1 District detective office were assigned to the investigation. They were assisted by detectives from the Forensic Services Unit and the Marine Unit.
The body was recovered and the coroner attended the scene. The body was sent for a post-mortem examination and positive identification in Toronto.
On May 10, 2022 the deceased was positively identified by a Forensic Pathologist / Odontologist as missing person Katrina Blagdon.
Foul play is not suspected.
Out of respect for the next of kin no further information will be released at this time.
Could this be a suicide?

No foul play? I’m having a difficult time processing this.
It was New Year's Eve and that can bring out some sad emotions in some people.

I was thinking she had a mini mental moment and needed to get away from it all..... so decided to get away from it all and sleep rough for a while.

Could she have frozen to death?

I don't even think a duvet and sleeping bag together would be a match for cold Canadian December nights.

Canada really does not have the same line of public disclosure about odd deaths as the US does. We have to presume that the family has more information and that if they feel it doesn't add up they would be making those feelings known.
Condolences to Katrina's family in this most difficult time.

Could this be a suicide?

No foul play? I’m having a difficult time processing this.
I'm also having trouble making sense of the 'no foul play' comments by LE.

Early in this thread it was reported that Katrina suffered from PTSD, but we don't know how, or if, this came into play regarding her disappearance.

Also, I'm not sure the information about the missing sleeping bag and duvet were mentioned publicly until around the time Katrina was found. IIRC, the only personal item reported missing was Katrina's cell phone. If the sleeping bag and duvet were reported missing earlier in the investigation then I may have missed that.
Lots of comments all over social media from people who can't accept the "no foul play" conclusion.

The family certainly suspected foul play right from the beginning, especially with some of the information their PI uncovered.

From a March 30th article:

"I want the world to know what we know," since the search started, "but we can't do that because it's more important to me that whoever has done this and caused this pays for it," said her sister KB.
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