CANADA Canada - Ken Kettleson, 59, Baildon District SK, 19 June 2006

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    Name: Kenneth Carl KETTLESON
    Date Last Seen: 2006-06-18
    Last Seen Location Baildon District, Saskatchewan
    Age: 59 Years Old
    Date of Birth: 1947-11-02
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Height: 173 cm (5'8")
    Weight: 100 kg (221 lbs)
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Distinguishing Features: Glasses, thick beard and moustache.
    Clothing Worn at time of disapearance: Unknown
    File #: 2006-824924
    Agency: RCMP - Regina
    Additional Information:
    Kenneth KETTLESON was an outdoorsman, lived a recluse lifestyle and is an avid hunter. Kenneth had not been seen for two weeks before reported missing. Kenneth's residence was secure, and his vehicle was in the yard. There was no sign of foul play following the examination of the residence, outbuildings and vehicle. The investigation has involved air and ground searches, media, and numerous enquiries were made with negative results.

    If you have any information regarding the disappearance of this person please contact one of the following agencies:

    Regina RCMP Historical Case Unit at (306) 780-5582
    Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

    Where did he go?
    It’s now been over a year since Crestwynd’s Kenneth Kettleson vanished and there’s still no sign of him

    Kenneth Carl Kettleson, 59, disappeared from his Crestwynd farm 26 kilometres south of Moose Jaw in July 2006.
    Search and rescue teams spent two weeks combing the area around his farm and known hunting locations, but found no sign of the man known to friends as intelligent, quirky and an avid outdoorsman.
    “The eccentric professor would probably be a good description,” said Jim Carr, owner of Carr’s Confectionery, the Moose Jaw store where Kettleson’s family collected its mail for over 50 years.
    “He had a number of degrees and was a professional student until well into his 40s.”
    Kettleson was last seen June 19, 2006, by friend Gary Henry. The last person to talk to him was Janet Carr, Jim Carr’s wife, who phoned him June 22 to say he had a package waiting for him at the post office.
    Three weeks later, when Kettleson still hadn’t called or come in to pick up his mail, Jim Carr drove to his farm to look for him.
    Kettleson had lived alone on the property since his parents, Carl and Charlotte, died in the mid-1990s.
    The residence and outbuildings were secure and the two pickup trucks he owned were parked in the driveway with the keys still in the ignition.
    Nothing appeared out of the ordinary to Carr, except the sight of Kettleson’s two dogs roaming around the yard without food or water.
    “Ken took very good care of those dogs and only left them at home when he went hunting or into Moose Jaw,” he said. “One of them was really thin, only about half of what its weight should be.”
    Carr fed the dogs, then left and phoned Henry, who returned later that night and the next day to check on the farm.
    When Kettleson hadn’t returned by July 13, Henry phoned the RCMP.
    The only item missing from the house, according to Carr, was a single-shot .22 rifle Kettleson used to shoot rabbits and gophers when hunting in a wooded area about five kilometres from his farm.
    Carr said Kettleson found out a month before he disappeared he had uncontrolled high blood pressure.
    “My gut feeling is he either had a heart attack or a stroke,” said Carr.
    “I don’t think it killed him on the spot, I think it disabled him enough to be able to get in under some cover somehow. After two or three days, if he didn’t feel he was going to be able to get back out of there, then possibly he would’ve finished the job with that .22.”
    Kettleson’s family, from whom he has been estranged for over 10 years, believes he may have had some psychological problems, but doesn’t believe he just walked away from his life.
    Kettleson’s bank accounts and credit cards have been inactive since he disappeared.
    Any tips the RCMP received on his whereabouts have been dead ends. His file was turned over to the RCMP’s historical case unit in January after he had been missing for more than six months.
    “We’ve exhausted most of what we’ve had so far,” said Heather Russell, RCMP media relations. “One of the issues with this file is that he wasn’t reported missing for almost a month because he lived alone and was a bit of a loner.”
    Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ken Kettleson can contact the local RCMP detachment at 691-4670 or the Moose Jaw Police Service at 694-7600.

    January 15 will mark the 6 month anniversary of the disappearance of Kenneth Carl Kettleson. Kettleson lived on a farm approximately 28km South of Moose Jaw and 3km NE of Crestwynd. Following several ground and air search attempts, he is still missing and the RCMP are asking for the public's help with any details.

    RCMP are searching for Kenneth Carle Kettleson. He's described as being of heavy build, 5 foot 8, 220lbs, with reddish brown hair, thick full beard and mustache, and wears glasses. Contact 306 780 5582 with and case information.
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    Bump. I would really like to see this one solved.
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