Canada - Mounties raped, abused B.C. aboriginal girls, rights watchdog alleges

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    I cannot believ what I have read :"( Shame on these Mounties. I was unsure if this should be put in with the Highway Of Tears threads.

    OTTAWA — A new report by a respected international human rights watchdog has accused RCMP officers of abusing aboriginal women and girls in northern British Columbia.

    New York-based Human Rights Watch uncovered one allegation of rape and others of assault by Mounties against aboriginals in rural B.C. communities.

    The alleged incidents were uncovered as part of a broader investigation into charges of systemic neglect of missing and murdered aboriginal women along B.C.’s Highway 16, nicknamed the “Highway of Tears.”

    Other reports and studies have documented the broader problem, but the new report details specific allegations of abuse by RCMP officers.

    None of the allegations has been proven in court. The RCMP did not immediately reply to a request for comment Tuesday.

    Human Rights Watch undertook the investigation last year after a Vancouver-based agency approached it in 2011 complaining that authorities in Canada were not doing enough to address the problem.

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