CANADA Canada - Nola Belisle, 37, Moose Jaw, SK, 18 May 1995

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    Moose Jaw Times Herald


    It's been exactly 12 years and people are still wondering who killed
    Nola Belisle.
    The fun-loving, 37-year-old Moose Jaw woman was participating in a
    charity walk from Moose Jaw to Regina along the Trans-Canada Highway
    May 18, 1995, when she was hit by a truck.
    As Belisle lay dying in a ditch beside the road, the driver fled
    the scene and has yet to be found.
    "I still can't get over the fact that it happened," said friend
    Laurie Acott, who was walking with Belisle when she died. "I wish
    whoever did it would come forward. It would put a lot of people's
    minds to rest."
    Regina RCMP are still investigating the incident and Const.
    Clifton Dunn, spokesman for the historical case unit, said police
    still receive four or five tips a year about the incident.
    "I think it's a solvable file," he said. "It's just a matter of
    banging on the right doors and getting the right people to talk."
    The walk, a fundraiser to help the Royal Canadian Legion Branch
    No. 59 buy a van for the handicapped, was spearheaded by Belisle who
    had been a hostess there for 20 years.
    She recruited Acott to take up the challenge with her and the pair
    spent many nights traipsing through the city to train, talking and
    laughing the whole way.
    "When she first told me about it, I said, 'No one's going to pay
    us to walk to Regina!'" said Acott. "But Nola said, 'Oh yes they
    will!' And, sure enough, they did. That's just the kind of person she
    Belisle and Acott were three kilometres east of Pense — the place
    they had chosen to stop for the night — around 5 p.m. when a truck
    speeding along the highway clipped Belisle with its side mirror,
    sending her into the ditch.
    Acott, who hadn't seen the accident happen, ran to the escort
    motor home — accompanying the pair on their trip — to get help.
    As a another driver phoned police, the truck allegedly pulled in
    front of the motor home, stopped briefly, then sped off along the
    Trans-Canada, never to be seen again.
    Belisle was taken to Plains Health Centre in Regina where she died
    as a result of her injuries.
    "I was working at the time and my dad came to work and told me
    what had happened," said Belisle's son, Blaine, who was 18 and living
    in Saskatoon when the accident occurred. "I just kind of lost it."
    She's still also remembered by her partner at the time.
    "It's been 12 years and I still miss her," said Rick Bruvold,
    Belisle's partner of nine years. "She was a great gal."
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