Canada - Sarah Byers-Deatherage, 16, Victoria, BC, 30 Aug 2015

Discussion in '2010's Missing' started by lynck, Sep 3, 2015.

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    This must be a 2nd time for Sarah. I find this but it's dated July 20
    Missing 16 year old Female LOCATED

    On July 20, 2015 Saanich Police requested the public's assistance in locating 16 year old Sarah BYERS-DEATHERAGE as there was concern for her well-being.

    We have been advised that Sarah has been located and is reported safe and healthy by one of our policing partners. Saanich Police extends our gratitude to the public and media for their assistance in raising attention to Sarah's disappearance, assisting with her successfully being located.

    Images of Sarah posted to our website will be removed for her privacy and social media posts from Saanich Police will be adjusted accordingly; we ask the same of our community partners.

    File 2015-14622
    Cst Cawsey #183

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