Canada - Toronto, Ont, NtvMale, ~25, @ Royal York & Dundas St, Mar'93

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    Post mortem photo at the link below:
    The body of this adult male was located west of Royal York and Dundas Street.

    Case #20060019OPP
    Date Located: 28 Mar 1993
    Age (Estimated): 25
    Sex: Male
    Height (cm)169
    Height (Imp.): 5 ft 6 -
    Weight (kgs.): 58 -
    Weight (lbs.): 127 -
    Build: Slender
    Dentition: Natural teeth
    Hair: BlackShoulder Length
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Possibly of Aboriginal heritage

    This male was wearing a turquoise t-shirt, with a light olive green shirt, a pink v-neck sweater, a black knit sweater, and a dark navy blue nylon hooded winter jacket with a zipper up the front. Also, blue jeans, with a brown belt, a second pair of jeans, light blue ski pants worn over the two pairs of jeans, a black, leather-like jacket, worn under the exterior jacket, "Made in China" and white running shoes.

    Personal Property
    Silver watch "HAUJIE" brand
    Toronto, Ontario, Royal York and Dundas Street area
    Toronto Police Service
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