Canadian Man gives Cans of Beer to Trick or Treaters

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    It's a far cry from chintzy half-sized Mars Bars and tiny misshapen Tootsie Rolls. A trio of young trick-or-treaters was left a little dumbfounded Halloween night when a neighbourhood house began handing out cans of beer instead of candy.

    Dave Kozicki said his nine-year-old son and two friends were nearing the end of their route at about 7 p.m. Sunday when a man, apparently drunk, tossed the unwanted treat into their bags and told them not to come back.

    "Firstly you think it is kind of funny, but then I started thinking who knows what other stuff is going on and what else he is doing," Kozicki said. "I figured at the very least police should know about it."

    Officers charged a 53-year-old man with distributing alcohol to minors - a ticketable offence. His name was not released.

    The beer - three cans of Kokanee - was confiscated as part of the investigation, Kozicki said.

    "I was kind of concerned because they were nine years old. It's not like they were 16," he said. "I suppose a 16-year-old might appreciate it, but my kid and his buddies just thought it was kind of odd."
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