Carpet saves dogs and sheriff's blushes

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    When Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's Office needed a new rug, they had one specially made by American Floor Mats. It included their crest, with the logo 'In God We Trust'.

    Only someone made a typo, and the rug arrived with the logo proudly proclaiming 'In Dog We Trust'. American Floor Mats offered to replace the $500 rug straight away, and then Sheriff Bob Gualtieri had an idea for a good deed; he decided to auction off the 'doggone rug (as he called it) and donate the proceeds to a local rescue center.

    Canine Estates Inc were very pleased, and hoped the auction might make somewhere around the original $500 cost of the rug. It sold for $9,650. That single typo is going to help a lot of dogs in distress. Well done, Sheriff Gualtieri, and the kind person who bought that doggone rug.

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