Cary Oien testimony (FBI Lab - expert in hair and fiber analysis)

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    Section Chief at FBI. He's been at FBI for 15 years.

    BS in Biology and MS in Entomology. Received 1 year training at FBI in hairs and fibers.

    JB tenders witness as an expert in hair and fiber analysis. Accepted.

    In September 2008 he was the unit chief of the trace evidence unit, managing all of the trace evidence unit personal - examiners and scientists - including Karen Lowe and Stephen Shaw.

    In this case he conducted an examination.

    9/12/08 report - Ms. Lowe was not present when this item came in, so he did the analysis. It was a shovel (stipulated as to the shovel) Q-46 received for a mineralogic examination, but there were stickers which are very good receptors of trace evidence, so they looked at it for hair and fiber. He examined the underside of the stickers and removed debris to be mounted on a slide, then analyzed that. He found that on one of the stickers he found a small human hair (about 1/4 inch) that exhibited caucasion characteristics, but it was not suitable for him to compare to a known sample. It was considered a fragment. Then submitted it to mitochondrial analysis. He doesn't know the results of that.

    His lab is ASCLAD Lab accredited which means they are assessed to make sure they meet criteria.

    Does a research lab have to do this?

    OBJECTION by - outside area of expertise

    If a lab is not accredited by ASCLAD or other organization, are they pretty much on their own or are they monitored?

    SIDEBAR #10


    No more info on the hair, other than it was caucasion.


    Fair that he did a full examination.

    Witness is excused.

    Jury is excused until tomorrow at 9:00.
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