Casey Anthony: Experts on both sides will put science on trial

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    "Much of the Casey Anthony trial storyline draws upon two distinct elements: emotion and science.

    People react to the drama of the defendant's mother, Cindy Anthony, describing the smell of death in her daughter's Pontiac. But it is the cold, objective science utilized in this case that is more likely to convict or clear Casey Anthony.

    Highly trained and well-respected experts on both sides will testify to help piece together — and rip apart — the circumstantial case.

    Some of their methods are so novel, they've never been used in U.S. courts before. Chief Judge Belvin Perry is still deciding what scientific evidence will be allowed at the trial, which starts with jury selection on May 9. Some of the testimony will be heard by Perry when court proceedings resume this week."

    More at link below. This is a great article that lists the elements being introduced at trial of both defense and prosecution experts:,0,6690549.story
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    Science and emotion, eh?

    :doh: Casey Anthony is screwed on both factors.

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