Casey Anthony Jury Instructions

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    It is up to you to decide what evidence is reliable. You should use your common sense in deciding which is the best evidence, and which evidence should not be relied upon in considering your verdict. You may find some of the evidence not reliable, or less reliable than other evidence.

    You should consider how the witnesses acted, as well as what they said. Some things you should consider are:

    1. Did the witness seem to have an opportunity to see and know the things about which the witness testified?

    2. Did the witness seem to have an accurate memory?

    3. Was the witness honest and straightforward in answering the attorneys' questions?

    4. Did the witness have some interest in how the case should be decided?

    5. Does the witness's testimony agree with the other testimony and other evidence in the case? The instructions covered under paragraphs numbered 6 through 10, inclusive, are not common to all cases. These numbered paragraphs should be included only as required by the evidence.

    more at the link:
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    bump for jury instructions

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