Casey's IM's with Iassen & Tony R (in entirety)

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    For easy access and for those that cant view PDF's, here are the complete IMs between KC, ID and AR.

    (starts page 2616 of docs)

    ID (11:10AM) What this thing you have been posting about?
    KC A live hip hop showcase tonight
    ID Whats that?
    ID Battle royale?


    KC (11:41AM) Its an albumn release party, with the potential for a battle guys should definitely come!
    KC (11:42AM) Its right behind waterford so its ridiculously close. $5 cover.super hot shot girls. a hot body contest, etc
    ID Ooh, nice, why are you promoting for it.friends of yours releasing the album?
    KC Yeah. guys i have met throughmy boyfriend tony
    ID (11:43AM) What is the group called?
    KC (11:53AM ) Theyre individuals. eq or equinox is the headliner
    ID I am away from my computer right now.
    KC Give me a call later, and let me know if you want to go. i seriously suggest it :)

    KC( 1:42PM ) If you guys dont have anything planned tomorrow night, you should head out to fusion.give me a shout!
    ID Grocery shopping!
    ID (1:43PM) Whats tomorrow night ? friday?
    KC Yes sir
    ID The sushi place? mhmmmmm
    KC Yes sir!!! best sushi in town. seriously
    KC (1:44PM) Ladies in free all night. guys, $5 cover. its a bad ass place
    ID I've been there i think. the plaza behind waterford
    KC Really?
    ID Yeah
    KC: Yeah
    ID: Its really retro inside. ive been once
    KC: That it is. did you like it?
    ID: Yeah. but it wasnt a party or anything. just food
    KC: (1:45PM) Good, then i better see you tomorrow :) well every friday night its converted into a club.really cute shot girls. i'll be back in a bit, fooooooood :)
    ID: Lol ok, i'll tell sean about it . i gtg out too
    KC: (1:46PM ) Ok love


    KC (11:27AM ) Morning :)
    ID (11:28AM) Yoo
    KC (11:29AM) You guys coming to hang out with me tonight?!
    ID I dont even know yet, i havent talked to anybody
    KC Well i'm going to text everyone. i say you do
    ID: K lol
    KC (11:30AM) You know i'm relentless
    ID: Ya ya
    KC: Sean should bring some girls. theres going to be a hot body contest too....madness!
    ID: (11:33AM) Niiice. tell himo
    KC: (11:34AM) I'm going to send out a big text now with the info.
    KC: (11:38AM) Done deal. i want you boys to come out, seriously.
    KC (11:39AM) Cheap cover, you dont have to drive all the way downtown, and your happy ass should come up early and get some sushi
    ID: I work till 9 tho. when does sushi end
    KC At 11. dude its so good!
    ID: Oh, i know
    KC (11:40AM) Oh, i know you know

    KC (7:22PM ) I better see you tonight!!! :)


    KC (5:39PM ) Plans tonight?


    ID: (11.24AM) Hi
    KC (11.25AM) Morning. how are ya
    ID: I'm ok, you?
    KC: Ok? whats going on love
    ID: Nm, just at work, u?
    KC (11.26AM) Sitting around. tired
    ID Late night?
    KC Eh, not really. just havent been sleeping well
    ID: Oh
    KC: Cant wait to get into my own place
    ID: You should exercise more. when is that happening?
    KC: This is true. i need to. probably within the week
    ID: Oh true, you and tony?
    KC No sir. just me and the kid
    ID Where?
    KC (11.27AM) Possibly in winter park villas
    ID Wheres that?
    KC I've looked at alot of places . its off semoran, just before university. i'm also looking at places near where my parents live. just depends
    ID: Is it an apt?
    KC (11.29AM) Yeah. i didnt ever want to live in an apt, but i dont know if me getting a house is the best idea...not right now
    ID So what do you do when you work? with the kid that is
    KC: I have a nanny. i love her
    ID Nice. how much do they charge?
    KC: We've been friends for over 6 years. definitely someone i trust.
    KC (11:30AM ) It just depends. i pay her a lot more than most nanys make. its worth it though.
    ID: Yeah, i understand. where does tone live?
    KC (11.31AM) She's a friend. between myself and one of my coworkers, its her main source of income.....he's off of university. really close to full sail.
    ID Oh, ok
    KC: He's going to be moving off of goldenrod and university soon though, within the next month, to cranes landing
    ID Why arent you guys living together???
    KC (11.32AM) We've only been dating 7 wks . haha

    ID: Oh, hahahaha. my bad
    KC Haha no worries
    KC (11.39AM) Ive had a lot of people ask me that lately
    ID: (11.40AM) What i asked you? abt moving in with him?
    KC Yeah
    ID: Wheres the other guy. the spanish guy?
    KC (11.41AM) Ricardo and i arent really even friends anymore
    ID Sucks doesnt it....
    KC We stopped dating in march, right around my birthday. yeah, seriously.
    ID Still have feelings for him?
    KC Ha definitely not . the other way around actually
    ID: Oh. how did you get over him so quickly?
    KC: (11.42AM ) I didnt have the same feelings, he said i led him on. i never really ever saw him as more than a friend. it sucks, but i was honest
    ID: ( 11.43AM) I thought you were the one who wanted a relationship
    KC: I did for a little bit, but he wanted to wait.
    ID And it bit him i the ass. are you happy now?
    KC (11.44AM) I am very happy now
    ID Thats good
    KC Thanks :)
    ID I dont remember what that feels like
    KC I'm sorry hun :-(
    ID Thats life i guess
    KC This is the first time i've felt this way in along time....yeah. it is, seriously.
    ID You like this kid a lot?
    KC (11.45AM ) I care about him an extreme amt...lets just leave it at that. haha
    ID Uhhhh, dont say love haha
    KC I'm avoiding saying it, but i do. haha
    ID (11.46AM) Wow. but you've known him for a lot longer than 7 wks, right?
    KC Well, i'm selective on who i tell, just because we havent been together that long.
    KC Yeah. we've been friends for almost a year
    ID I understand
    KC You know how it is. you cant choose who you love, and time doesnt make you love someone
    ID I feel like an infant when it comes to life
    KC Aw, why ??
    ID Alot of things are new to me
    KC(11.47AM) Yeah this is true
    ID (11.48AM) I wish i learned these lessons when i was much younger. when i know it didnt matter as much. not when i'm in my mid 20's, and i want to settle down.
    KC Yeah, absolutely. sucks that i'm 22, and i want to settle down
    ID (11.49AM ) Thats not so bad
    KC But one, i'm in a r/ship with someone who is a yr younger than me, isnt sure what he wants, and most likely wont be living here this time next year. so much uncertainty
    ID Oh . i made the same mistake too. i wanted something from somebody who wasnt prepared to give it to me. took me a while to realize it.
    KC 11.50AM Yeah thats my biggest fear right now
    ID I dont understand how people can go on breathing when love ends . but they do. so much is new to me . my 18yr old sister knows more about life than i do.
    KC(11.51AM) I know about life, but even then, i'm not satisfied. tgrue love hurts. completely takes the breath out of you
    ID Why do people bother then
    KC Optimism. the hope that you'll find your true love
    ID (11.52AM) I know i wont be able to commit to anybody for very very long time
    KC I went through that phase, all i did was randomly make out with guys , and had a hook up, for almost 2 yrs on and off
    ID Not that i just wont be able to. i dont want to anymore. its not worth it
    KC (11.53AM) In a lot of ways, i agree.
    ID I had a rebound. worst feeling in the world
    KC But i see the other side. i'd rather take the chance, than miss out on the potentidl for greatness
    ID The guys would tell me to just hook upm with people
    KC It is the worst feeling
    ID ...That it works for them. but not everybody is the same.
    KC Of course. its easy for them, because the girls they are dating arent quality in the first place
    KC They end up dating people after hooking up with them first.
    ID Its funny how after thinngs ended with sara, her so called 'close' friends would start texting me, and messaging me, want to hang out etc
    KC How so
    ID I can just tell. her girlfriends and stuff. shannon, adrienne, lou etc. its so shady
    KC Oh it is
    ID 1(1.55AM) Not to make this akward but you liked me alomg time ago, right?
    ID (11.56AM) Lol i guess it did get akward, since theres a moment of silence
    KC Hahaha. thats hilarious. at least tone didnt have my im box up when you said that. i did actually
    KC (11.57AM) I really liked you when i first got to know you. youre a fantastic guy
    ID Why didnt you ever say anything?
    KC And i swear to god, if stuff doesnt work out with me and tony , you better be waiting! haha
    ID Haha whenyou first got to know me??what happened, you got to know me better? hahahaha
    KC I dont know, thats a good question.hahha. i guess because of brandon
    KC (11.58AM) After him and i dated, i just wanst sure how you would react, or hIm, or anyone for that matter
    ID (11.59AM) I think you should have said something before
    KC Maybe i should have
    ID Whats so great about me? girls keep telling me how great i am, but sometimes i just hate who i see in the mirror
    KC (12.00PM ) You are such a nice guy, you really have no idea
    ID (12.01PM) Thanks
    KC Youre more than welcome. its the truth
    ID Heh
    KC Youre an attractive, driven, down to earth guy. hard to find love
    ID I wish you would have said somethiing along time ago
    KC (12.02PM) Did you like me too, and never say anything?
    ID I mean, i was interested, i was kind of disappointed you didnt come out for that dropkick murphys concert with me
    KC. Yeah, i wish i had
    ID (12.03PM) I wouldnt have cared what brandon thought to be honest. but sh#t, i gotta lock up the gym, and bizounce
    KC Hey call me later. what are you doing tonight?
    ID Delete your logs so you dont get into trouble
    KC Haha. no worries
    ID Nothing. why whats going on?
    KC No idea
    ID Its sunday haha
    KC Haha exactly. you think of anything, let me know, and i'll do the same!
    ID Ok :) ttyl
    KC Ok, bye hun!!!

    ~ Continues in next post ~
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    ~ Kc and Iassens IM's continued ~


    ID (2.43PM) Not working tonight:/ night class til like 10
    KC Boo that sucks. i went and worked out in the fitness centre at tones apt thismorning. i feel like an animal. haha
    ID Lol so you wanted to go again?

    KC (2.43PM ) How are ya love?
    ID Ehhhh
    KC I just wanted an excuse to see you, duh
    ID I bet ;-)
    KC (2.45PM) Any change in how youre feeling :)
    ID Nope
    KC I'm sorry hunny
    ID Eh, its ok
    KC (2.46PM) :-/ You cant let that keep you down. not for a single second
    ID (2:47PM) Its beyond sounding that easy, haha
    KC Haha i know. stupid girls
    ID (2.48PM) A lot of it is my fault
    KC Why is that?
    ID Its hard to explain, or just too long, but its true
    KC (2.49PM) I dont believe it. nope. not one bit
    ID Haha trust me
    KC (2.50PM) I do trust you, but i dont think any of it is your fault
    ID How do you know? haha you dont even know what happened :)
    KC This is true. haha. but i know you. and youre not the kind of guy to screw things up, especially not on purpose
    ID I made mistakes
    KC Like? give me an example
    ID The way i acted with her after things ended. there was a chance we could have fixed it . i blew it
    KC( 2.51PM) From what it seems like to meshe had made up her mind
    ID No things changed. we talked for a while afterwards. the whole i miss you thing, late night calls and stuff
    KC Awwwww. and?
    ID (2.52PM) And i just f##ked things up. let jonathon get the best of me again
    KC How so?
    ID Jonathon was the reason it all happened. i was too uncomfortble being around him, with her . she thought it was jjelousy. so she got scared off
    KC Are you serious?
    ID I despise that kid
    KC Was there ever anything with her and jonothan?
    ID Cause he has done more than people know. yeah, a long time ago . and around new years. while i was talking to her
    KC (2.53PM) Damn. i had no idea :-(
    ID They kinda started talking again. and left me in the dust. and i told her i dont want to see her again. and three days later we got serious. but jonathon would play games, would always go where she was at. and she told me she noticed it too. too long of a story
    KC Damn thats not cool. i'm sorry.
    ID Theres infinite more stuff that went down between the 3 of us. but he is not my friend
    KC (2.54PM) Sounds like it. yeah. a lot of stuff makes sense now.
    ID I'll tell you some day. i dont feel like writing it out lol
    KC Hey, no worries
    ID But jonathan was the catalyst that ruined my relationship
    KC You know i'm here , always
    ID (2.55PM) But i let it happen. i let it get to me. when it shouldnt have
    KC Doesnt sound like you had a choice though hun
    ID I guess i didnt
    KC You cant help what he did. that was completely out of your control.
    ID (2.56PM) Its not that. even after me and her got serious he played no factor. but he always made me uncomfortable
    KC Yeah, i dont blame you
    ID( 2.57PM) But i acted immature after things ended, and ruined any chance of getting back, and i just pushed her away
    KC Iassen, unfortunately, you can do better
    ID It went beyond looks she was great to me. and after many many years. i was genuinely happy
    KC You cant beat yourself up about it. its obvious it hurt you deeply
    ID YA
    KC It will get easier, I promise you. Its never easy to bounce after getting your heart broken.
    ID (2:59pm) I know
    KC You know what you need???
    ID ? A puppy?
    KC Haha besides that
    KC(3:00pm) I'm getting a puppy when I get my new place :) . You need a beach day. You need a beach day with a really bad ass chick
    ID Its too hot for da beach. Lol. Really is
    KC Nah. No way
    ID Wheres the badass chick at?
    KC( 3:01pm) Right in front of ya.
    KC( 3.02pm) Well, online anyway ;-)
    ID Oh you wanna go on a date with me at the beach while you have a boyfriend, that looks grrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaat
    KC Hahahaha. It wouldnt have to be a “date” . But you need a friend, I miss my friend. Its a win, win
    ID (3.03pm) LOL. I wanna know , have I ever hurt you?, like emotionally
    KC Most definitely not
    ID Ok then.
    KC (3:04pm ) You seriously are one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Hands down
    ID Impossible
    KC No, its very possible
    ID (3.05pm) How did you get over me? Was it Mr Ricardo Morales montoya gonzalez?
    KC(3.06pm) Haha. It helped . I've had a constant crush on ya for a long time
    ID Nuts
    KC You're telling me
    ID (3.08pm) We didnt even hang out that much
    KC Its one of those get a good vibe from someone.
    KC (3.09pm) I sticks
    KC It sticks*
    ID I'm sure you wouldnt want anything with me right now, i'm in the worst state of mind to commot to somebody
    KC Sh#t, even outside of a relationship, I'm probably not in the best spot either.haha
    ID (3:10pm ) Why?
    KC( 3.11pm) I'm pretty hung up on tony, and realistically, if he moves back to new york next year, my relationship will to know that inevitably, unless I were to drop everything, I'm going to lose someone close to me.
    ID Then why dig a deeper hole? I couldnt do that to myself
    KC (3.12pm) Thats why I'm torn right now.
    ID If he's worth it, he would stay.
    KC If he gets offered the jobs he's supposed to, I couldnt keep him here
    ID Oh
    KC Not when he's worked so hard to get where he's going
    ID If you love him, you wouldnt move up?
    KC (3.13pm) A lot can happen in the next year. He'll be graduating from full sail this time next year.
    ID Whats his job?
    KC After such a short time of dating, I feel stronger for him, than I have ever felt for anyone else. He's doing music business at full sail. He's already been offerred a couple of jobs back in new york.
    ID Wow. Imagine a year from now then
    KC (3.14pm) Exactly. I dont want to set myself up for heartbreak. But at the same time, I dont want to throw something away that could be so great
    ID I dont know, if you know its a dead end.... Havent talked to him about it with him?
    KC (3.15pm) Its not a guaranteed dead end, but the likelyhood of us staying together, just seems so dim..We talk about it all the time. He even told me, he would ask me to leave with him, in a heartbeat.
    KC (3.16pm) As nice as it is to hear, I have no desire to live up north. Love to visit new york, but that just doesnt seem my style
    ID I understand

    KC ( 3:16pm) I never thought I would even consider moving for someone, unless it was someone I was already married to, or in the process of marrying, you know? Thats a big commitment. Its a huge deal
    ID Yeah, it is
    KC (3.17pm) I'm glad that I have all this time to think it over, if it comes down to it, but there is always that lingering thought that it may not work out because of that.
    KC( 3.18pm) Its sad, but him and I both agreed that it is the inevitable road block ahead.
    ID That must suck
    KC Absolutely. Its hard. I feel like i'm setting myself up for failure
    KC (3.19pm) I feel like i'm working towards something great. And i'm all sorts of confused. haha
    ID Ugh shes messaging me :/
    KC Oh boy
    ID I think youre setting yourself up for failure, lol
    KC Haha. You think so?
    ID (3.20pm) Honestly, I would be dumb enough to wait the year to find out what I would do. And dumb enough to not wait the year to find....either way
    KC Yeah
    ID Its either horrible heartbreak, or a horrible lifetime regret
    KC (3:22pm ) Exactly. I could deal with the heartbreak. I couldnt deal with regret. Love is too complicated.
    ID Why bother?
    KC (3.23pm) Because i'd rather have my heart broken a thousand times, than to never know what its like to love someone
    ID (3.25pm ) I dont know about that
    KC (3.26pm) You dont think so? Inevitably it has to work
    ID (3.57pm) Oh sorry about that. I was doing HW. Haha. Inevitably??? Thats too many risks.
    KC NO worries . Whats life without taking risks? Its necessary
    ID (3.58pm) Yeah, but. Risks are important
    KC Very much so
    ID I'm taking a huge risk going to Iraq to get my fainances set, and my future started . But love....UNECESSARY haha
    ID ( 3.59pm) I'm a big pessimist. And i'm a huge cynic
    KC Haha, it shows! ;-)
    ID But thats reality
    KC That it is. I mean, I agree with you, believe me.
    KC (4.00pm) However if youre going to take a risk on something, of all things, why not let it be love? It is by far the most damaging and rewarding thing in the entire world
    ID Because its the one risk that hurts the most
    KC It is
    ID People may not die from a broken heart, but the wish they did.
    KC Absolutely
    ID The person that can make you the happiest in this world, is the same person who can make you the most miserable
    KC (4.01pm) Its a powerful thing, to hold someone elses heart in your hand
    ID I think its the most p[werful thinng. A man could hold a gun to my head, but it would mean nothing, not as much as if somebody had my heart. Life is f##ked up
    KC Agreed
    ID (4.03pm) I'm listening to this disturbed song, enough....from the new albumn, you should youtube it. Listen to the lyrics :
    when your own have died
    And theres no more pride
    when your soul is frozen
    Its had enough
    When a heart is broken
    A thousand times
    with every moment.
    Is that enough?
    ID actually, do that now :)
    KC Nice, I will actually
    ID While you do that i'm gonna make a sammich
    KC I'm listening to “everyday is exactly the same” by nine inch nails. Haha
    ID LOL
    KC (4.03pm) Ohhh true. I just had mac and cheese. Haha
    ID (4.04pm) I can slap heartbreak songs on you all night long babyyyyy. Its all I listen to now
    KC Oh, you and me both. haha
    ID Nothing like a little self mutilation and torture to start of the days.
    KC Seriously. Hints why I torture myself with a morning workout. Get your sammich
    ID Ok
    KC I'll listen to that song
    KC( 4.08pm) Holy crap that song is amazing!!!! I love disturbed :)
    ID (4.09pm) Yuup. The whole albumn is amazing
    KC Youre telling me!
    ID One of my favorite bands
    KC (4.10pm) One of mine too
    ID I saw them a couple of months ago :)
    KC (4.11pm) I know!!!!. Sevendust is my all-time fave
    ID If my heart is broken like this a thousand times in my life, I better be immune. My old rangers used to say that about gun shot wounds hahaha.
    ID (4.12pm) “the first one sucked, the 2nd and 3rd are just annoying”
    KC Haha. Thats hilarious, and true from what i've been told as well.
    ID BTW, did you know lejla and brandon are f##king engaged??
    KC What?!!??!!??
    ID No lie
    KC When did this happen? In key west?
    ID Two weeks ago
    KC Whoa
    ID No
    KC (4.13pm) So her ring was real?
    ID Hell yeah. I almost stole it :/. One of my favourite songs from the albumn “criminal” btw
    KC Jesus. Thats crazy. Good for them!. Great song
    ID How do you know it?
    KC( 4.14pm) I'm looking at the albumn list now. Haha
    ID Oooh. I love the chorus. I had it as my headline for a while
    KC( 4.15pm) Thats what that was? Nice
    ID Yeah. No it wasnt a suicide note, as my friend vicky thought haha
    KC (4:16pm) Haha. Yeah was, uh, interesting ;-)
    ID LOLOL. Shut up and listen to the song
    KC (4.17pm) I am. Haha.
    KC( 4.19pm) Such a great f##king band
    ID I knooooow. Definitely on my top 3
    KC (4.20pm) One of my top 10.
    KC (4.21pm) You still have me in shock about Brandon.haha
    ID Oh, lol
    KC No, i'm really happy for them both
    ID (4.22pm) I am too, but I think they need to be careful. Lejla was out looking for a husband before going out with Brandon. And brandon wanted to marry her since highschool
    KC Yeah, I remember that
    ID I dont know
    KC (4.23pm) Wasnt she just engaged?
    ID Yeah, last year
    KC Eh, whatever works. Haha
    ID( 4.24pm) I guess
    KC (4.26pm) I wish life and love wasnt so uncertain.
    ID I'll take anything life gives me. But love....ugh
    KC Haha. Seriously.
    ID( 4.27pm) I have jury duty monday : /

    KC (4.27pm) Boo that sucks
    ID Yup
    KC (4.28pm) I've yet to actually go to jury duty. I get called every year, but never have to go
    ID How come?
    KC( 4.29pm) Dont know. I always call the night before, and my number doesnt get called. Doesnt bother me
    ID Huh...well I need to go cause I have a speech due on monday. This way I can do it next monday
    KC Nice! Haha
    KC (4.30pm) What should I make for dinner?
    ID Uhhhhhh. Past few months i've only had 3 different meals. Oatmeal, cottage cheese or sandwiches. So I forgot what real food was.
    KC (4.31pm) Ewwwwwwww. I was thinking a grilled chicken salad
    ID That works
    KC I had light mac and cheese early. Maybe a third of a portion
    ID (4.32pm) I havent eaten much lately
    KC Whys that?
    ID I'm never hungry
    KC Hmmm. You doing protein shakes?
    ID Nah. I guess its good. Saves me money. But listen, I gotta finish this stupid paper, i'll hit you up later
    KC Sounds good love!~
    ID Cya
    KC Latah

    KC (10.57pm) How was class?
    ID Amazing. Like no sh#t
    KC Seriously? Nice
    KC (10.58pm) What classes are you taking this semester?
    ID College algebra, collage mathematics, and mythology
    KC What class did you have tonight?
    ID (10.59pm) Mythology. Its great
    KC Good sh#t. Thats what I figured it was.
    ID Haha. Yeah
    KC I doubt math would be that exciting. No way, not at all
    ID (11.01pm) I'm going out to eat and going to egg some prostitutes, I'll ttyl!
    KC Haha. Have a good night.
    ID Oh, I will

    ~ End of IM's ~

    (There are so many things about this that I want to comment on-will do that tomorrow- but how funny is it that he loved studying mythology, yet he didnt realize that the best case study for myths was right in front of him....LOL).
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    ~ KC & AR instant messages ~

    SAT MAY 3RD (P594)
    AR: (11:11am) ??
    KC: (11:12am) i'm going tohave to call you in a bit. If I dont finish this shift for work, i'm screwed.
    KC (11:12am) i've been up since 5.
    AR (11:12am) ok, well what are the chances of chillin today at all?
    KC (11:13am) very good. As long as I can get this stuff done, and sent to my boss.
    KC (11:13am) this is my way of getting out of a wedding tonight
    AR (11:13am) you got a time I guess?
    KC (11:14am) its going to be a couple of hours realistically
    AR (11:15am) yep
    nyitaliano signed off at 11:15am
    AR ( 9:13pm) get over here woman.
    KC ( 9:13pm) baby, if only .
    KC ( 9:13pm) i'm going crazy over here
    AR ( 9:13pm) even if its late, come sleep.
    KC ( 9:13pm) thats my plan
    KC ( 9:13pm) i'm online so I can stay awake.
    KC ( 9:13pm) at least the kids passed out.
    AR ( 9:14pm) get your rents home damnit
    KC ( 9:14pm) I wish I knew where they were
    AR ( 9:14pm) wtf
    KC ( 9:14pm) seriously.
    AR ( 9:16pm) this really sucks its like three times now **** has comeup
    KC ( 9:16pm) every other time its been work. Honestly, i'll start throwing that on the backburner.
    KC ( 9:16pm) but this, with my folks, i'm pissed
    KC ( 9:16pm) my mom and I had a deal
    AR ( 9:17pm) yeah
    KC ( 9:17pm) question...are you working next saturday?
    AR ( 9:17pm) no
    KC ( 9:17pm) feel like being my date to a concert at the social?
    KC ( 9:18pm) my nanny is my backup that night. Too bad she had a freakin date tonight :(
    AR ( 9:18pm) where?
    KC ( 9:18pm) the social
    KC ( 9:19pm) its at 9:30
    AR ( 9:19 pm) where is that? What band
    KC ( 9:19pm) the social is downtown. Ive been a few timmes, its pretty cool. John frank...he's local talent. Its his cd release show.
    KC ( 9:19pm) only $8. my treat.
    KC ( 9:20pm) we can always grab drinks down there that night.maybe I can arrange a sleepover
    [cont... P595]
    AR ( 9:20pm) I dunno babe, i'm not making plans anymore, I dont see why not, but look at what happens when we make plans
    KC ( 9:20pm) I know
    KC ( 9:21pm) at least for next weekend, my nannyhas nothing planned, so if my mom backs out, i'm covered
    AR ( 9:21pm) you show up all, and i'm in next sat :)
    KC ( 9:22pm) well ****
    KC ( 9:22pm) i'm so sad right now
    KC ( 9:22pm) I really am
    AR ( 9:23pm) I am show up, I will go,i'll prob end up going anyway, but it sounded good
    KC ( 9:23pm) haha
    KC ( 9:23pm) its a good plan
    KC ( 9:23pm) so, I cant find a song to top yours
    AR ( 9:23pm) nope, dont even try, I ran across that song I havent heard it in forever
    KC ( 9:23pm) I still have that c.d! Haha
    KC ( 9:24pm) candy rain
    AR ( 9:24pm) I have that song but I havent heard the othere one in a long time
    KC ( 9:24pm) such a great CD. I think it was one of the 1st I ever bought
    AR ( 9:24pm) ha
    KC ( 9:24pm) pathetic. True story
    AR ( 9:25pm) you were like 9
    KC ( 9:25pm) I was
    AR ( 9:25pm) young
    KC ( 9:25pm) baby
    KC ( 9:28pm) my song wasnt as great as yours. But its still a personal fave
    AR ( 9:28pm) ha
    KC ( 9:28pm) brb
    KC ( 9:28pm) checking on the kid
    nyitaliano signed off at 9:34pm

    SUNDAY MAY 4TH 2008

    AR (10:06pm) youre disappearing again.
    KC (10:06pm) yep not here
    nyitaliano signed off at 10:33pm
    nyitaliano signed on at10:59pm
    AR (11:16pm) hey
    nyitaliano signed off at 11:17pm

    MONDAY MAY 5TH 2008

    nyitaliano signed on at 9:06am
    nyitaliano signed off at 9:35am

    AR (3:39pm) hey
    KC (4:01pm) hey
    AR (4:32pm) you around?
    KC (4:32pm) yep not here
    nyitaliano signed off at 4:53pm
    nyitaliano signed on at 7:54pm
    AR (7:55pm) so youre gonne again.
    KC (7:55pm) yep, not here
    AR (7:55pm) I figured you werent there
    nyitaliano went away at 8:08pm
    AR (8:32pm) come on babe, where did you go?
    Nyitaliano returned at 9:08pm
    nyitaliano signed off at 9:51pm
    Nyitaliano signed on at 10:03pm

    TUESDAY MAY 6TH 2008
    nyitaliano signed off at 12:12am
    AR (1:39pm) you home?
    KC ( 1:40pm) yeah,. I went ot the dealership by my house. My dad wasnt happy about that, but ****, I did him a favour
    AR (1:40pm) haha
    AR (1:40pm) I went to see you ****er
    KC (1:41pm) well no ****
    AR (1:41pm) so bring your fine little ass over here some time today.
    KC (1:41pm) when I can, I will
    AR (1:41pm) is that referring to today?
    KC (1:41pm) obviously
    AR (1:42pm) interesting
    KC (1:42pm) god. I'm so sick of having to rely on other people
    AR (1:42pm) yeah I bet. That has to suck
    KC (1:42pm) yeah, it really does
    AR (1:43pm) what did the nanny say?
    KC (1:43pm) I always have to change my plans now, and i'm someone who likes to make plans and stick with them. She's coming back from tampa. Her sister is getting married this weekend
    AR (1:43pm) she enroute?
    KC (1:43pm) yeah, I just called her. She's on I-4
    AR (1:44pm) good, well thats a plus
    KC (1:44pm) that it is
    AR (1:44pm) so is she willing to get the offspring?
    KC (1:45pm) as of right now
    AR (1:45pm) geez
    KC (1:45pm) brb
    AR (1:45pm) k
    KC (1:47pm) caylee wanted pizza
    AR (1:47pm) haha
    AR (1:49pm) so....
    KC (1:49pm) soooo
    AR (1:50pm) I could def see you moving into a g.f role, but not if I dont see you I know its like beating a dead horse but its how I feel.
    KC (1:50pm) my point in all of this ...if its going to work, whether I 'have to make this up to you', or whatever, youre going to have to suck it up, and come see me every once and a while. Youre a lot more mobile than I am a lot of the time.
    AR (1:51pm) oh I will eventually no doubt I meanits just nice to get out of your element too you know?
    KC (1:52pm) believe me I need that time out of my element. I'm craving it
    AR (1:52pm) thats my point. I have no problem coming to you but you need to get here to just relax.
    KC (1;53pm) agreed
    KC (1:54pm) its beyond frustrating
    AR (1:54pm) and as for the sex thing, lets clear this up right now. When its as good as it has been , I need it, I told you ma and routine, but its not my main concern for seeing you, but once in three weeks is a tease, plus again, your pretty damn good in bed
    KC (1:55pm) sex is good with us, really good. And I know its not the only reason you want to see me.
    AR (1:55pm) good, I hope so, but jesus 3 week droughts blow
    AR (1:58pm) so again...bring your fine ass over here
    AR (2:01pm) bored
    AR (2:03pm) whered you go freakshow
    KC (2:04pm) hey *******. Caylee wanted more lunch
    AR (2:04pm) ******* . Brutal
    KC (2:04pm) haha. I'm vicious too huh
    AR (2:05pm) :) until I see you...yep
    KC (2:06pm) I am pretty ruthless
    KC (2:08pm) I have a headache :( what the hell should I eat?
    AR (2:08pm) come over. I'll cook
    KC (2:08pm) ha. Want me to bring the little snothead?
    KC (2:08pm) didnt think so
    AR (2:09pm.) I meant when she is occupied by another adult
    KC (2:10pm) haha. I know
    AR (2:10pm) so I will cook
    AR (2:12pm) well when am I going to hear from you. I am going to run
    AR (2:13pm) you there cocktease?(oh boy)
    KC (2:14pm) oh no you didnt
    KC (2:15pm) talking to my mom
    AR (2:15pm) oh I went there. So whats the word babe?
    KC (2:16pm) if my nanny can babysit tonight, i'm set. If not, i'm screwed
    AR (2:16pm) Ok well where is that *****
    [P598 cont]
    KC (2:16pm) my mom cant move her neck, probably from all the landscaping she did with my dad this weekend, and having caylee last night
    KC (2:16pm) hey, settle down there killer
    KC(2:17pm) i'll call her back in a little bit
    AR (2:17pm) ok. I am going to going to pick up if I call you after
    KC (2:17pm) I am
    AR (2:18pm) we shall see..i'm going to go work the nasty body
    KC (2:18pm) oh hush
    AR (2;18pm) what do you care you never wanna see it. I'm layingh it on thick now
    KC (2:18pm) ha righttttt. I saved both of those pictures you sent me. Youre right. I dont want to see it
    AR (2:19pm) i'll call you in a bit baby.
    KC (2:19pm) alright hunny. I'll be here
    nyitaliano went away at 2:19pm
    AR (2:52pm) jesus its hot out
    KC (2:52pm) it is. I tried to sit oputside for a minute and I cant do it
    AR (2:52pm) my chest hurts...thats bad
    KC (2:53pm) i'm sorry baby.
    AR (2:53pm) call the child caregiver
    KC (2:53pm) I did. She's still enroute. Loads of traffic by disney I guess
    AR (2:53pm) ok well thats not bad. She's not far
    KC (2;54pm) nope :)
    AR (2:54pm) good then you should be no later than 5ish
    KC (2:54pm) hopefully
    AR (2:54pm) com on ow
    KC (2:54pm) haha. I'm being optimistic too. Ish
    AR (2:55pm) i'm thinking 5. I have a bedtime sucks
    KC yeah that sucks
    AR (2:56pm) well you can stay then
    KC I'll see how that works....possibly. If not tonight then maybe this weekend :)
    AR (2:57pm) I wont push my luck tonight. Just get here
    KC I am....I am. What the hell are we doing for your birthday?
    AR (2:58pm) lets not push it. Thats 3 wks away. Haha
    KC haha *******
    AR serious....jerk
    KC well dont hold your breath or anything, but i'm cooking upa suprise for you.
    AR (2:59pm) not getting excited cause after that or after today...i wont see you till august
    KC (3:00pm) shutup
    AR blowme (blacked out)
    KC eat me (blacked out)
    AR planned on it :)
    KC (3:01pm) haha. Uh huh
    AR oh that was no joke
    KC (3:02pm) oh, I know :)
    AR good. You never said no though.
    KC haha. Why would I?
    AR (3:03pm) well I cant do it over aim or text, and earlier today you expressed your thoughts on sex so I will hold off :(
    KC (3:04pm) I just dont want you expecting it. Like last time, I was expecting it to happen
    AR me either, but holy god! This time its just been too long, sellout.....
    KC (3:05pm) haha. Dont call me a sellout, jerk
    AR blow me, I can
    KC eat me, you cant
    KC (3:06pm) :D
    AR If you let me. I'm all about it
    KC I will
    AR Now you got me all excited :)
    KC (3:07pm) haha youre always excited
    AR No but when my girl (yeah I went there) has been MIA for 3wksd, I didnt think it would be that much of a drought
    KC (3:08pm) :) Aw and I look all cute makeup, a tshirt, jeans and my glasses. Haha
    AR I got to get my crap ready for tomeorrow, ao I will be waiting on a call soon. Hopefully. Let me know whats up babe.
    KC (3:09pm) Will do love
    AR What or who do you have to impress. Exactly no one
    KC Yeah yeah. I still want to look cute
    [P600 cont...]
    AR Why
    KC Because
    AR I just want to see you. I dont give a ****
    KC I know
    AR (3:10pm) And the fact that it all ends up on the floor....kidding
    KC Hahaha. Its true
    AR Exactly. Ok babe let me know....soon, hopefully :)
    KC (3:11pm) The moment I know
    AR K
    nyitaliano signed off at 3:11pm
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    ~ KC & AR IM's cont ~

    (same date)
    KC (4:11pm) I hate playing phone tag :(
    AR (4:12) Huh?
    KC I'm playing phone tag with both zani and my mom
    AR So in other words....looking worse
    KC No. just means that everyones timing is terrible
    AR (4:14pm) K
    AR (4:15pm) I'm not going to get upset. I cant anymore :(
    KC :(
    AR Nothing I can do its like the norm now
    KC well it shouldnt be but strangely, theres not much I can do either. It sucks
    AR (4:16pm) Yep
    KC What time are you going to bed tonight?
    AR 10 prob. Unless youre going to be there.
    KC Well maybe I can still make this happen
    AR (4:17pm) Ok
    KC It may be later than I wanted...not like 6, but maybe more like 8..
    AR (4:18pm) That will still be okay. Any later than 8 prob not worth the drive. Since you prob cant stay
    KC I know I cant stay. I have to be at work at 8
    AR Thats nothing
    AR (4:19pm) I have to be there at 5;40 out by UCF. It takes me damn 15mins to get dressed
    KC Why out here? ****, and i'll be out there :(
    AR Thats where I work
    [P601 cont]
    KC Damn. We're even on opposite sides of town with work
    AR Yep, I wont be home till like 7
    AR (4:20pm) So what do you think tonight, like a 25% chance?
    KC Most likely
    AR (4:21pm) Wow thats staggering, odds not in my favor
    KC ****, not really in mine either
    AR So then just forget it babe. Just forget it.
    KC (4:22pm) Ok? At this point I think its worth it even if its for a short time. Better than nothing at all right?
    AR Yes but you just said it didnt look good today
    KC (4:23pm) I can still try
    AR Ok
    KC (4:27pm) I purposely gave up my ticket to go to the radiohead concert today, out in tampa...and now, whats the point? I did it so I could actually have some time to see you
    AR I believe you. But again......
    KC Shut up. I know
    KC (4:31pm) I feel like I have cabin fever. I'm ready to chew my arm off
    AR (4:32pm) why?
    KC (4:36pm) I'm going stir crazxy sitting around here
    AR Sorry
    KC (4:37pm) If it makes you feel any better, listen to my cheesy ass song on myspace.
    AR BRB
    AR (4:38pm) Whos that for? Jesse?
    KC Ha. Alright then. Kiss my ass.
    AR Bold statement
    AR (4:39pm) Now do something about it
    KC Yeah so was yours
    AR (4:40pm) Do something about it
    KC I'm not the one sending him text messages telling him that i'm not trying to date you.
    AR Well, when I dont see you in 3 wks :)
    KC Rightttt thats what it is
    AR Then what is it?
    KC (4:41pm) I dont know, you tell me
    AR I dont know. You never show.
    KC I think your still afraid to admit to him that you like me
    [P602 cont....]
    AR (4:42pm) Not at all.If I remember what you looked like
    KC No, seriously, without the pokes at me not being able to come over all the time, why did you go out of your way to text him that?
    AR Cause he was annoying me
    KC (4:43pm) What was he saying? He obviously forgot to mention this part, doesnt suprise me
    AR Lets not do this. Just drop it its over.
    KC Whatever
    AR Wow, ok
    KC (4:44pm) All I wanted to know was what happened. Forget it
    AR Yep, whatever
    KC (4:48pm) My internet keeps ****ing up. What a great day
    AR (4:49pm) The norm
    KC (4:51pm) Do you know any spanish?
    AR No
    AR (4:54pm) Any word from the offspring handler?
    KC (4:55pm) She's almost home. I guess she had to stop at the store
    AR So that is good...... right?
    KC I guess so. I sure hope so
    AR (4:56pm) Well she needs to step up
    KC Agreed
    AR Is she coming to you?
    KC (4:57pm) I'd be taking Caylee to her
    AR On your way here....haha
    KC Yeah
    AR So 6-6:30ish is not impossible
    KC (4:58pm) Nope. Hopefully thats on the money
    AR I really dont want to get excited but I do want to
    KC Yeah, you and me both
    AR (5:00pm) As far as food what do you want me to do? Eat or wait?
    KC If youre hungry, eat
    AR Not really yet. Getting there prob eat abt 5:45 or 6 unless you say otherwise
    KC (5:01pm) Eat whenever, If anything, i'm bring dessert
    AR You are dessert
    KC Haha
    AR Worth a shot
    KC (5:02pm) Sureeee
    AR Did it work?
    AR (5:06pm) Cant stare at this computer anymore. Gonna go pack my *** up and loaf around....looking forward to hearing from you
    KC I'll call you soon babe.
    [P603 cont....]
    AR (5:07pm) Ok baby.
    Nyitaliano signed off at 5:07pm

    AR (6:56pm) Whats up
    KC (6:57pm) Nothing. Doing some stuff for work, nothing much else to do. Still waiting
    AR (6:58pm) Yeah
    KC (6:59pm) Do you work the day before your birthday?
    AR Yes. That whole weekend
    KC Nice! Good
    AR Why?
    KC Then my potential plan may just work out.
    KC (7:00pm) I'm on vacation like the last half of this month
    AR Well, I need dates casue I have my bro coming up
    KC (7:02pm) When is your brother coming up?
    AR 23rd-25th
    KC Oh, this will be after that.I was thinking the 29th, doing something for the day. My mom is taking Caylee on Vacation with her, and my dad, while I'm on my vacation.
    AR I'm off Wed and Thur that week.
    KC I should be moving by then anyway
    KC (7:03pm) Wed and thurs? Awesome. Thats perfect
    AR Ok. So is that the next time I see you?
    KC Haha no! I'm still pulling for tonight
    AR Sure
    KC (7:04pm) Nice picture
    AR :) You dont care. Thats all you see of me anyway pics an im's
    KC Haha shutup. I want the real thing.
    KC (7:05pm) Its nice to have something to look at in the meantime, but it doesnt replce what I truly want
    AR Yeah, well come get it ****er
    AR (7:07pm) I'm still waiting :( Its 7
    KC :( I know

    AR So....?no
    KC(7:08pm) So, I'm trying?
    AR I know babe, but its 7
    KC If 9 hits, and still nothing, then i'll throw in the towel. Babe, i'll drive over and see you for 20mins, 2 mins, whatever
    AR (7:09pm) Too bad I cant stay there. You live closer to the substation than I do
    KC Seriously. I a couple more weeks, when I get my house, you can stay over as much as you want
    AR Dean and colonial
    KC I'm looking at the house tomorrow...dean and curry ford. Right down the street from the station
    AR Thats zone 24. Where is the nanny at. Wtf
    KC (7:10pm) Picking up her dog in Oviedo. I forgot she dropped her off on Sat with her old roommates
    AR So how long does that take
    KC Beats the hell out of me. I talked to her anout 20mins ago
    AR (7:11pm) Call her at 7:30
    KC I was going to :) In the meantime, my boss if giving me ****, because I took 3yrs worth of spanish in highschool, and I cant speak it to save my life. I can translate just about anything. Madness
    AR 7:12pm O
    KC 7:18 pm At least I feel like i'm doing something productive
    AR Be productive and come over here
    KC Baby if my mom could actually sit up, i'd already be there
    KC 7:19pm She cant babysit , she can barely hold her head up right now
    AR Not your moms fault, call that other *****
    KC I swear people in the medical field do nothing intelligent for themselves when they get hurt. I just called her. She's stuck in traffic at oviedo. This really sucks, worse than any of the othere times
    AR Not really, its all the same to me
    KC (7:20pm) Thats funny. Its not to me
    AR Never said funny
    KC I'm sad. I've been sad all day. ****, i've been sad for days
    AR (7:22pm) Not much me can do, I dunno what to say or do
    KC (7:24pm) Too bad I cant move out tomorrow. Would make some of this a lot easier
    AR (7:25pm) Yep
    KC (7:26pm) I really want this to work out. I really do. I dont know why its so hard. I mean I do, but still. It doesnt make me feel any better

    [P605 cont...]

    AR 7:26pm Yeah, and unfortunately I cant do it much longer, not gone yet, but not m,uch left babe.
    KC 7:27pm Like I said, it sucks that youre putting a timelimit on things.
    KC 7:35pm Its like we're in along distance relationship, as much as it sucks, its feasible
    AR I cant babe, we live in the same ****ing city and I see my parents more
    KC 7:37pm Thats obviously an exageration
    AR Kinda, but not really
    KC You know what your getting into with me, and i'm sorry, caylee has to come first, my job, a close second. I can only take so much time from that for everything else.
    AR I understand that but understand my point. I cant see someone every 3+ weeks and say we're dating
    KC 7:39pm Its not going to be once every three weeks
    AR It has been
    KC My schedule is changing at the end of this week. I'll have a more flexible schedule. If I can get my L1, I canm start training in a month, make my own schedule, and its cake from there.
    KC 7:42pm I'm asking you to stick it out a little longer. And if you cant, then why wait?

    AR 6:48pm Hey
    nyitaliano went away at 6:52pm
    nyitaliano signed off at 8:07pm


    AR 4:03pm disappearing...
    KC 4:12pm I just tried calling you. Try calling back
    AR My phone is ****ed up
    KC Yep, not here
    AR 4:17pm Cant call but I guess you arent on


    KC 10:09am Did you get my message last night?
    AR No whats up
    KC I asked if we could get together and talk this week
    AR 10:10am Whats up?
    KC I dont really have that much time to get into anything now, but I would like to see you, and sort some stuff out
    AR 10:11am Uh
    KC 10:12am Look I dont like the way things went the past couple of weeks
    AR Ditto and I have had a rough ****in week like bad
    KC You and me both
    KC 10:13am Whats your schedule like?
    AR I never got that tax money..just found out I dont get it till juky, so I have 120.00 in my acc. No gas. No food and dont get paid till friday. Work and training all week
    KC 10:14am I'll be on that side of town all week, I guess I'll text you later and see if youre free for a few minutes . I havent had a day off in over 10 days, and I have a wedding this weekend
    AR Yeah, I know the feeling

    [P606 cont..]
    KC 10:15am Well, I want to see you. I have to get ready for my meeting, but i'll text you in a bit
    AR Ok

    AR 2:29pm So what did those mean?
    KC What did what mean?
    AR Your statuses on Facebook
    KC 2:30pm Which one/s?
    AR Nothing. Forget it
    KC Haha, what? If you want to know I need to know specifics
    AR Nah its nothing
    KC Ok

    AR 2:30pm I dont remember specifics.
    KC 2:31pm I was feeling a bit better, for a few days, so things I wrote, probably reflected what I was feeling then
    AR O
    KC I'm pretty much over a lot of stuff, and have moved on from others. Getting sick AGAIN, is just proving to me that I need to start looking out for numero uno more often.
    AR Yeah, I know the feeling
    AR 2:32pm Well, we should get together. Let me know what your your up to when you are free
    KC Will do. You working this weekend>
    AR No. My friends are coming up for my birthday. They should be here soon hopefully
    KC Yeah, I remember you saying your brother was going to be here. Nice
    AR Yeah, he wont be here till wednesday
    KC Well let me know, as long as i'm feeling better, I'm free all weekend
    AR 2:33pm I am tied all weekend but free aftre work next week
    KC I guess its next week then. I'll check my schedule
    AR OK
    KC 2:34pm I start my vacation Thursday, so I'll be free for 12 of my 15 day vacation
    AR Ok

    Unallocated clusters p2655

    KC (1.03pm) ah, fun stuff. Sorry I ended up coming home, shortly after we talked, and passed out early
    AR I went downtown and got sh#thoused so if you got anything nastysorry
    KC seriously, spending the day with caylee is 10 times more exausting than working a 12-hour event.
    KC Haha. Thankfully I didnt
    AR Its just a trend I wish you would break
    KC Just the normal sell-out comments
    AR break the trend
    KC Hey, you know I have my priority

    ~ End of IM's ~
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    MY GOD where does this all come from ! Its scary how much is out for public knowledge
    BUT having said that i have a very FIRM Opinion Even more so than ever ...

    The yep not here part by KC at various times is that her writing yet not here
    Because when I have been on IM and been p'oed at someone I would write NO not here if they kept on buzzing me.

    Casey Calls Caylee By her name most of the time except once when she called her little snot head....which I think was to appease AR

    AR keeps calling Caylee Offspring

    AR keeps calling everyone names calls the nanny "*****" etc

    Casey spoke of the Nanny all the way through this...She also appeared to put Caylee first, I had to get Caylee More Lunch, I had to see to Caylee

    AR just keeps on getting more and more pi$$ed off that he's not getting *any* his 3 week drought...

    And the whole you better come see me..........
    I'm turning 42 soon , Ive done all this heard all this - not the situation - but the whole Guy speak laying it on ... He wanted to have sex with Casey pure and simple and get down with her and get his rocks off. Thats abundantly obvious. And he didn't really care about her because it was all about HER coming to HIS PLACE Without the Kid.
    Why couldn't he go to Caseys house ?

    If he *liked* *loved* her so much he would have been more than happy just to SEE HER..

    I have a awful feeling about this... I think he is part of this.........

    I don't like this bloke one bit ........

    Has he been interviewed ?

    Are there any docs of the interviews on line ??

    Thanks for showing these butwhatif.....

    It shows a whole different side....a side that I believed to be there from the start.
  7. JaneInOz

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    Ugh I did a whole post and lost it - ADSL dropped out

    My question/s are

    When was he fired ? what month ? what date ?

    Who takes the calls for tips/info about Caylee - like what department was taking it ?

    There is nothing sinister or 'want to get rid of Caylee' in those IM's from Casey
    But there is a lot from him

  8. JaneInOz

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    I have one answer

    Hire Date: February 19, 2008
    Termination Date: August 22, 2008

    AR was terminated 22cnd August -

    So next question who takes the calls ?

    Who took the call for the 13th 14th 15th August about the Bag from the Meter Man ??
  9. JaneInOz

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    Was AR jealous of Jesse ?
  10. JaneInOz

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    OMG What a LIAR

    This is AR's statement


    He tells that to the Detective in the statement on Aug18th

    Well as you can all ready he certainly talks about the nanny calls her a Bit&h etc

    Thats on page 15 of 52

    There are a LOT of discrepancies between that IM statement convo above and his statement to the police

    And whats that whole couple of pages directed at him "so you were afraid" "so you were afraid"

    Give me a break.

    Does anyone else see this ? or am I totally nuts here ?
  11. It's Not the Nanny

    It's Not the Nanny Member

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    That's the first time I've read them all. Wow!

    The most chilling IM is to Iassen (he is Exit 13 right?) where she says she hasn't been sleeping well lately.

    GEE, wonder why????

    Freaks me out to see her basically living with her new boyfriend and claiming she loves him to Iassen but then trying to meet up with him on the side, too. Like she always has to have one waiting in the wings for a back up plan (we know she loves her back up plans!).

    I've always felt one of her major reasons for killing Caylee was to BE with TonE but he couldn't have meant that much to her if she was IMing with Iassen about their mutual feelings, too.
  12. It's Not the Nanny

    It's Not the Nanny Member

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    Jane - I'm dying to know why AR was fired. Hinky meter majorly going off about this guy.
  13. BondJamesBond

    BondJamesBond Blunt Instrument

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    Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Whatif. I'd read them in pdf amongst other material, but, this really brings it into focus.

    Now I'm seeing in context for the first time the very text that should ABSOLUTELY sink the ZFG-kidnapped Caylee alibi...(as if it really needed more help sinking).


    ID So what do you do when you work? with the kid that is
    KC: I have a nanny. i love her
    ID Nice. how much do they charge?
    KC: We've been friends for over 6 years. definitely someone i trust., as a juror go waaaaaaaaaay out on a limb and say you buy the whole ZFG-kidnapping story (I know, I know) while out there on that limb you tell yourself Casey was secretly searching for Caylee & ZFG but worried about telling anyone for fear of Caylee being harmed, etc. So...still out there on that convinced yourself Casey's not telling anyone what's gone terribly you read the text highlighted above that Casey wrote on 7/13...after Caylee had been allegedly kidnapped by ZFG for weeks...ask yourself why Casey would GUSH about ZFG vs. just answering the question.
  14. Whyamisointerested

    Whyamisointerested New Member

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  15. reeseeva

    reeseeva New Member

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    I think because he had lied about dating Casey....I'm sure there's more.

    Do you happen to know where ButWhatIf got the IM'S from.?...I have not seen those before & thought I had read most of the docs.

    TIA :)
  16. BondJamesBond

    BondJamesBond Blunt Instrument

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    Tony R (a.k.a. AR) lied about his prior relationship w/ Casey when asked about it by his superiors. The IM's were released amongst the other mat'l.
  17. gingerdog

    gingerdog New Member

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    I read these messages a while back and AR absolutely disgusts me !!
  18. MissJames

    MissJames a yellowflutterby changed my life : )

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    She was also stringing Will along over the 4th of July.She also told him he was the sweetest guy.And they all knew about TonE.KC liked to have a few on the line just in case.
  19. SeriouslySearching

    SeriouslySearching Active Member

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    Those are enlightening. Thanks, But for putting them together and up here! And Thanks, JBean...for pointing them out! ;)
  20. MOMto5

    MOMto5 "Nana" to one

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    Excellent point, BJB.
  21. indicat

    indicat Justice for Travis and his family

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    Those two lines jumped out of the page at me. I had read these before and had not thought about it, or it did not stand out. Thanks to the way butwhatif typed it up that totally stood out! If there was even anyone who wanted to give her the smallest benefit of the doubt those two sentences speak volumes!

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