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    Posters: Please feel free to add anything I do not have noted
    The Source of the information follows item in italics (Source)
    If the information came from a local contact, it is noted in blue
    Sunday June 8th

    Skyla Whitaker had spent the previous night with her best friend Taylor Paschal Placker at the Placker Home on County Line Road (about 5 miles N of Weleetka OK, aprox 2 miles E of US 75 and about 5 miles S of I-40)
    (OSBI, Research)
    The Area
    Weleetka has a population of 950 people with a median income of $21,400, ($15,000 under the Oklahoma median income).

    Okfuskee County has a population of 12,000,with 18 people per sq. mile. It is 75% rural and 25% urban. 23% of Okfuskee COunty residents are below the poverty line. 23% of the population is American Indian, 10% African American and 1.6% Hispanic - with the balance being White.

    Crime in Okfuskee County
    There was 1 murder, 0 rapes, 0 robberies, 3 assaults, 23 burglaries and 16 auto thefts in 2005
    There was 1 murder, 0 rapes, 0 robberies, 19 assaults, 37 burglaries, 27 thefts and 12 auto thefts in 2004

    The Aprox Timeline
    (Sunday June 8th in chronological order beginning at 4:30 PM) Specific times are given if known.
    4:30 PM Rose calls Skyla on her cell phone and speaks with her - everything normal Rose is at the Chancey Bad Creek Farm where her mother is employed (Per Rose Whitaker) Local Contact
    ?:00 PM Girls leave Placker House to walk to bridge 1/2 mile North - accompanied by Taylor's Chihuahau - the dog was found the next day near the Bad Creek Bridge (Per OSBI, Local Media)
    5:08 PM Rose calls Skyla's cell phone and gets no answer (Per Rose Whitaker) Local Contact
    5:10 PM Rose calls the Plackers on their cell phone (they are not at home, but we have no info as to where they were or how long they had been gone from home) (Per OSBI, Peter Placker)
    5:15 PM The Plackers call Taylor on her cell phone, get no answer (Per OSBI, Peter Placker)
    5:20 PM The Plackers arrive home (Per Rose Whitaker) Local Contact
    5:30 PM Peter searches for the girls on foot and discovers both girls dead at the scene on side of road 1/4 mile N of his house (Per OSBI, Peter Placker)
    ?:00 PM Peter and or Vicky Placker call 911 (a portion of one 911 call from we believe Vicky Placker was released by OSBI July 21) (Per OSBI, Peter Placker)
    ?:00 PM Peter Placker calls Rose Whitaker and tells her the girls are dead (he said "they're gone, we came home and found them dead") (Per Rose Whitaker) Local Contact
    5:41 PM LE/EMT dispatched to scene (Per OSBI, Okfuskee County Sheriff)
    ?:00 PM Rose Whitaker arrives at scene driving in from N of the crime scene - she is flagged down by Peter Placker and prevented from approaching the bodies (Per Peter Placker, Claudia Farrow)
    ?:00 PM Rose Whitaker calls her Mother Claudia Farrow (who is just N at the Chancey's Bad Creek Farm) and tells her the girls are dead and to come (Per Claudia Farrow)
    ?:00 PM 1st Responders arrive at scene, stopping at the Placker home 1st (they thought the girls were found dead at the Placker home) Local Contact
    ?:00 PM Scene is secured - the road is closed at both the N and S intersections (Per OSBI, Okfuskee County Sheriff)
    ?:00 PM Claudia Farrow (Rose's Mother, Skyla's GM) arrives driving in from N of the crime scene (Per Claudia Farrow)
    ?:00 PM OSBI called in on the case by Okfuskee County Sheriff (Per Okfuskee County Sheriff)

    The Crime Scene

    The girls appear to have walked to the Bridge over Bad Creek, and were returning home when they were killed. They were within sight of the Placker driveway (OSBI)
    Both Taylor and Skyla had cell phones - there was no call for help made by the girls and they were facing the killer(s) when they were shot - it appears they had no time to react or run (OSBI, Evidence)
    Family members at the crime scene were Peter Placker, Vicky Placker, Rose Whitaker and Claudia Farrow (OSBI, Claudia Farrow)
    The family members have all been cleared of involvement (OSBI)
    The crime scene is located on the West side of County Line Road 1/4 mile N of the Placker home. Taylor is lying with her head toward the road in the shallow ditch alongside the road. Skyla is about 4' N and W of Taylor, her head also facing the road. (Rosser, OSBI)
    Bullet casings and an unidentified footprint are found in the road, just a few feet from Taylor (OSBI)
    The girls were NOT sexually assaulted and were found fully dressed (OSBI)
    Two guns were used on EACH girl - one high powered, one lower powered (OSBI)
    Neither of the guns was a shotgun (Ear Witnesses, OSBI)
    The autopsy reported the girls shot multiple times in the face and chest - some reports say head and chest - the autopsies have not been released (ME, OSBI)

    The POI
    There is a POI wanted for questioning in connection with the crime
    He is described as a Native American appearing (perhaps part caucasian) male, 6' tall, slender build, brown eyes, black hair down to the small of his back, may be worn in a pony tail. At the time he was wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt, a black ball cap and jeans with boots. He was driving a Ford or Chevy White PU truck with a standard single cab and a chrome/silver strip of trim down the side. The truck carried an OK tag. (OSBI)

    3 witnesses saw the POI in the area, but only one saw him ON County Line Road near the Crime Scene - the other two witnesses saw the POI on a road connecting to County Line Road (OSBI, Local Contact)
    1 witness saw the girls walking S on County Line Road near the crime scene (OSBI)
    3 witnesses heard the gunshots - 2 of those witnesses are members of the Kelough family who live about a mile away from the crime scene (OSBI, Kelough Family)

    The Sketch Artist is Harvey Pratt, OSBI - he is a 40 year veteran investigator and former Asst Director at the OSBI in addition to being a highly respected (and accurate) forensic artist

    Cleared Local Persons

    A truck of local teenagers was target shooting with a shotgun in the area earlier that day, but were cleared of any involvement in the murders (OSBI)
    Tim Creech (RSO Weleetka) has been questioned and cleared (Local LE, Local Contacts)

    The Victim's Families
    The Plackers moved from OKC 3 years ago and the Whitakers moved from Kansas (Media)

    Skyla had just turned 11 and Taylor had just turned 13 Taylor and Skyla attended Graham School - their school has 100 attending students from Kindergarten thru 12th grade. Skyla and Taylor were in a combined class of 5th and 6th graders, there were 4 boys and Taylor in the 6th grade, Skyla and 4 other girls and 1 boy were in the 5th grade (Graham School Principal)

    Skyla lived with her mother and stepfather (Rose and William Whitaker) and younger sister Jayme about 8 miles S of Henryetta near teh IN Turnpike - at least a 20 minute drive from The Placker home. The Farrows (Jimmy and Claudia) live next door to the Whitakers - Claudia and Jimmy Farrow are both employed by D Chancey - who owns Bad Creek Farms (about 3 miles NW of the Placker home) - Claudia as a housekeeper and Jimmy as a farmhand. D Chancey Also owns the Placker home
    Skyla's older brother Edward Gordon is currently in a Kansas jail and will soon be going to prison on manslaughter charges for his part in a drug deal gone wrong.
    Skyla also has two older sisters - Christina Whitaker of Mo and Rosita Gordon of Tulsa
    Rose Whitaker was not raised by her mother Claudia - but by an Aunt. Jimmy Farrow is not Rose's father)
    William Whitaker is Rose's 3rd husband
    (Media, Research, Family History)

    Taylor Paschal Placker lived with her Grandparents Peter and Vicky Placker - whom she called mom and dad - we do not know who Taylor's Bio parents are.
    Taylor has 2 brothers Jessie Paschal and Chris Placker and 2 sisters Jennifer Paschal and Linda Kaye Placker - Chris lives in Sallisaw and the other reside in Weleetka
    The Placker family has had several members who have served time in jail and prison and some family members are married to or dating convicts currently incarcerated.Vicky and Peter Placker do NOT have any criminal record.
    (Media, Research, Family History)
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