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Discussion in 'WS-BAY!' started by beakiebean, Jun 13, 2006.

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    I'm selling some CB's and walkie talkies of my grandfather's for him and thought I'd see if anyone was interested.

    All of these are in good working condition. Grandpa was on the Sheriff's Posse for years and used them while he was doing that. I don't know much about them but if anyone has any questions I'd be glad to call him and find out for you-just as long as I don't call during Walker: Texas Ranger. ;)

    He has a Johnson Messenger 124-M with Desk speaker, 21 channels that he would like $45 for.

    He has a Johnson Messenger 124-M with 21 channels and the handheld speaker. This has the original box. He'd like $30 for it.

    He also has 2 large walkie talkies that will carry for several miles with the battery charger. Looks like the brand on them is Ross. He'd like $20 for them.

    I can ship whatever you prefer or whatever's cheapest. If you'd like an idea on the shipping let me know and I'll check on it for you.

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