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    An Iowa Sex Offender is registered as living among the dead. David Eberle of Cedar Rapids listed his address as 375 32nd Street Drive SE. That address is the Mount Calvary Cemetery. Carol Hochstetler spends a lot of time walking around this cemetery. But yesterday she got a very surprising call.

    Hochstetler learned that a sex offender was supposedly living in this cemetery. She says that's simply not the case. "We would know if there was anyone living out here because we check the cemetery when we come in every morning."

    On the sex offender web site, it clearly states that Eberle is living in the cemetery. Linn County Sheriff Don Zeller says the investigation into the case started last week. "We check various hours during day and night to see if he was there and he was not."

    Zeller says since Eberle is not living at his registered address..they have to now take the next step. "What we would do is go to the courts and issue a warrant for this individuals arrest."

    As for the cemetery, Hochstetler
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