Charity Beasley testimony (OCSO in domestic violence unit)

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    HHJP: next witness the judge asks after reading a stipulation.

    A woman is taking the stand.

    Charity Beasley

    LDB: please tell employed

    OCSO detective for domestic violence/crime unit

    LDB: how long

    seven and a half years

    LDB: did you and Melich collect items from hopespring?


    LDB: what?

    a computer a car and various misc items

    LDB: car?

    a white pontiac sunfire. it was towed to the forensics lab.

    LDB: towed from hopespring? secure it?

    yes with evidence tape, I sealed it.

    LDB: remove items prior to sealing it?


    LDB: it was towed, did you follow the car?

    yes, the wrecker arrived at the residence and it was towed to OCSO forensics bay and I followed the whole time.

    LDB: then other member?

    yes, Boisey

    LDB: you mentioned you were given items?


    LDB: who gave?


    LDB: in container?

    yes, in a blue plastic crate

    LDB: items include a doll?


    LDB: dora back pack a tooth brush a black back papers and clothes hangers.


    LDB: the lap top? how did you receive?

    Cindy gave me the lap top

    LDB: was it plugged in? or handed to you unplugged and off?

    off to my memory

    LDB: on that property form you put down the number?

    I may have must check records.

    LDB: approaching the witness to show records.
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    Charity Beasley questioned by LDB. Employed as detective with OCSO in the domestic crimes unit. Been with OSCO for 7.5 years. In 2008 asked to assist YM in collecting items from the house on 7/16/08. She was asked to collect the vehicle, laptop and misc items.

    Vehicle was the white sunfire. Car was towed to forensics lab at the OSCO. Prior to towing, she sealed the doors and the trunk with evidence tape. Did not open doors or trunk first and did not remove any items. Followed the tow truck to OSCO to forensics bay. Then turned it over to CSI Jerardo Boisey (sp).

    Also given items by CA. They were in a blue plastic crate. They were a doll, Dora backpack, child's toothbrush, black leather back, various papers, blue crate and plastic clothes hangers.

    Regarding laptop - CA gave it to her. It was handed to her unplugged and off. She didn't try to turn it on.

    She filled out a property form. LDB showed her the form.

    It was a Compaq laptop. She read the serial # she recorded at the house.

    Once she got back to the OSCO she provided the other items to the CSI Boisey except for computer which was given to Det. Sandy ?

    LDB - no further questions.
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    Charity Beasley is addressing the Jurors when she responds to questions
    CM: (doing cross) tell me what you knew before you went to this place
    Charity Beasley adressed Jurors
    CM: I'm over here! I'm over here!
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    HHBP reading stipulation to jury....disregard any statements regarding kc counsel....

    SA call next witness:

    Charity .Beasley, OSCO detective for domestic crimes unit, she was in Domestic Violence unit in 2008, collecting items from A's on 7/16 (directed by YM)....vehicle, a laptop computer, other items....White Pontiac Sunfire towed to forensic lab @ OCSO, sealed veh. doors & trunk w/evidence tape....not opened or remove items prior to seal it....follolwed tow truck from Hopespring Dr to forensics bay..turned over to crime scene investigator Gerardo Bloise (sic?) ....CA gave items in blue plastic crate...items included a doll, dora backpak, black leather bag, various hangars & papers.....laptop computer given by CA...handed to her unplugged and off to her recollection, didn't turn it on or inspect it ...filled out property form...recorded type/serial #...refer to report....compac laptop....recorded serial # @ the A's residence, other items given to Gerardo Bloise, ...

    CM: went to Hopespring Dr. - aware of activities occured there? didn't talk to YM at this point....
    CB I knew an active investigation for missing child...
    CM I am over here! (as witness is looking to jury)
    CB requested to respond to A residence to pick up several items....

    CB individual sent to collect car and to seal
    CM - seal ......

    CM - laptop......did you open it or check battery?
    CB no

    CM-sealing all on the car...are you involved in other matter in this case.
    CB no - I was requested to collect items @ A home.
    CM - Correct answer is No Mr. Mason I was not!
    no further question


    Recess til 1:30

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