*** children only health ins going away***

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by fhc, Sep 17, 2010.

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    I personally found out that insurance companies will no longer insure children under 19 on individual policies in Texas within weeks, so this isn't only about Colorado. Check your state if you are concerned.


    Children-Only Health Insurance Going Away
    Insurance Companies: Health Care Reform To Blame

    In the past, families in such predicaments used to be able to purchase child-only policies. However, because of the Affordable Care Act those options are disappearing in Colorado.

    The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies which offer child-only policies to take all kids, even those with preexisting conditions.

    According to Robbie Zirkelbach, of America's Health Insurance Plans, this is an issue the government did not see when it passed the Affordable Care Act. He said until there is a mandate that all kids have insurance, like there will be in 2014, there is an incentive for parents now to only sign-up their child when he or she is sick.

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    Wow, I always felt that this was sometimes the only reason children got the medical care they really need. In CA, when I lived there, the program covered a lot more than medi-cal, and share of cost programs meant that parents who worked, but didn't have insurance, could still get preventative care as well as treatment services.
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    I have not really studied the new healthcare legislation. I feel at the moment it's beyond my brain power to fully absorb. But why do I get the sneaking suspicion that legislators did know this was a probable outcome and would probably force states to pick up the slack by covering these children, in a sort of back pedal into a one-payer system kind of way? Or do they just not understand the economics of capitalism? I'm just not certain which is the most charitable explanation for this oversight...

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